Make Chocolates and Chocolate Cake in Home

    Shiimaa Mohamed

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    Make Chocolates and Chocolate Cake in Home

    Chocolates have many health benefits, most of which contribute to improving mood and eliminating depression, as well as lowering blood pressure because they contain natural chemical compounds that contribute to the relaxation and expansion of blood vessels. Chocolate is popular with all women and children.

    Making chocolates at home


    Sugar cup

    - Milk powder cup

    - Half cup flour

    - A cup and a half water

    - Vanilla bag

    How to prepare:

    Mix all the ingredients in the blender, then put them in a "flame" on the fire, turn well and make sure that no lumps are formed, stir well until it has a parabolic texture, then put them in molds in distinctive shapes and put in freezer until frozen and we have pieces of chocolate.

    How to make chocolate cake

    1. Ingredients
    2. 4 Flour food for all purposes
    3. 3 A meal of oil
    4. 4 food bunker of white sugar
    5. 3 food cacao
    6. 1 outstanding melted chocolate
    7. 5 large milk paste
    8. Cinnamon workshop
    9. Egg brush
    10. Vanilla Brush


    • Mix all ingredients together until the mixture is fully homogenized.
    • The mixture is placed in 2 microwaves for 4 microns
    • The mixture is psychedelic in the microwaves so it is best to place the mixture in half the gin only.

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