Discover the importance of Yoga for the body, its types and ways to benefit from it

Discover the importance of Yoga for the body, its types and ways to benefit from it

Types of Yoga

Yoga sport has recently become famous for its numerous benefits on the body as it has important effects on the mental and mental well-being of the human being. There are many types of yoga which makes selecting a specific type of task almost impossible, so we will review today through this article the most important 4 types of yoga and the most famous to choose what suits you

What is yoga?

Yoga is known as a sport but its origin dates back to Hindu religious practice. Its primary purpose is to integrate mind and body into one homogenous unit, and the word yoga means the unity of thought

Yoga is done without the use of any sports equipment, and bring a lot of benefits to the body. The West knew it in the 19th century when yoga teachers moving to the West attracted a number of followers

Types of Yoga

Hssa Yoga

This name is called yoga types that teach specific movements and situations. Most types of yoga are a type of yoga

Eat Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is the ancient teachings of yoga, and the practice was transferred in the 1970s to the West. This yoga is so precise that its posture is thoughtfully sequenced and the breathing method is accurate so you need intensive training

With yoga generosity

Also known as hot yoga is a type of yoga practiced inside a hot room like a salsa. During the 26-pack yoga series, a person will sweat enough to get rid of toxins, bodybuilders and weight loss.

Vinnisa Yoga

The word Vinyasa is a Sanskrit word that refers to certain positions taken in this specific type of yoga. Yoga teachers design dances to smoothly move between positions, and music is placed during the yoga session

Benefits of Yoga

Burn fat and lose weight

Renew the positive energy in the body

Enhance immunity

Protection against diseases

Treatment of some cases as joints

Psychological comfort and a sense of inner peace

Early morning is the best time to practice yoga. It increases your body's energy levels during the day, and if you do not practice yoga in the morning, you can choose the right time to exercise during the day. The practice of yoga during the afternoon or evening refreshes the mind and body. The tension created during the day

The practice of yoga in the same place continuously creates positive vibrations and energy in the room, which accelerates healing, strengthening the body and feeling comfortable. In the event that it is not possible to allocate a suitable and specific place to practice yoga, It can be practiced in any quiet place in the house, without any disturbance for a while, with ventilation and away from furniture and surrounding utensils

Yoga can be practiced daily or practiced only once a week. In order to achieve the desired goals of yoga practice, it is recommended to practice it three times a week and to avoid putting in unfulfilled times so as not to cause frustration and failure. Practicing yoga for 10 minutes is an important exercise. Certainly

Tips for beginners in yoga

Keep all the information and judgment that must be remembered such as sitting positions, breathing method, standing or sitting properly, and the way of walking

Customizing a specific place at home: The trainee on yoga should choose a specific place in the house to be away from the noise, with full calm to provide the opportunity to provide solitude

Determine the goal of yoga exercises:

The aim of these exercises is to improve muscle flexibility or to achieve serenity and balance. Breathing: Adjusting the correct breathing method is an essential element in adjusting the feelings and feelings of the trainee during and after training to become the correct breathing method part of daily behavior. Yoga is recommended on an empty stomach to ensure easier and more effective training

Yoga is a non-competitive physical activity; one must not compare the performance of one person to another; it is the full spiritual fulfillment of what the individual does, and the full focus of the moment he or she is. Complete relaxation after exercising directly to allow the muscles and tendons to return to normal to perform their normal functions. How to Practice Yoga Insulate yourself in a quiet place. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Hold yourself for five seconds

Remove the air naturally without pressure. Repeat the breathing process more than once with your breath for a short time. Take a deep breath and repeat it several times. Open your eyes and relax

Yoga exercises for slimming


Yoga exercises can help weight loss, along with its mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. The awareness that people form when practicing this type of exercise can contribute to weight loss. The researchers found that yoga can contribute to healthy weight gain through Several ways, including the following:

The Effect of Yoga on Consciousness: Yoga focuses on the development of the human mind, which increases awareness at various levels. This can contribute to increasing one's awareness of foods and their effect on mind, body, and spirit. People who develop awareness through these exercises have a greater ability to resist unhealthy foods and can become more in tune with their bodies as they become more saturated. On the other hand, it is believed that yoga is useful for people trying to lose weight in other ways.

Another study found that the practice of Mindfulness training has short term benefits for people with binge eating, Physical activity. The study did not show a significant impact on weight loss directly, but it is believed that there is a link between awareness exercises and longer weight loss

In addition, it is usually advised not to practice yoga with a full stomach, which stimulates the selection of healthy foods before exercise and eating fresh foods after exercise, which reduces the amount of food intake

Sleep improvement: The performance of yoga exercises can help improve sleep quality. Good sleep is usually associated with weight loss. One study found that people who did not take enough sleep five days a week lost less fat than Who slept enough time. Calorie Burning: Some types of intensive and active yoga help burn calories, which can help avoid weight gain, including:

The two types of yoga in the hot yoga studio with continuous motion, which helps to burn fat, can also contribute to the practice of Yoga in the development of muscle strength, Improve metabolism. Restorative yoga, however, is not a physical exercise but contributes to weight loss. One research has shown that yoga helps overweight women reduce their weight and reduce abdominal fat



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