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Secure your Internet browsing sessions by using a solid proxy connection, either automated or manually configured thanks to this application. It’s a well-known fact that the Internet is really not the safest place out there. More than this, you don’t always have access to particular pages because of region limitations. However, this can be bypassed by also hiding your Internet identity, and UltraSurf is the type of application which can handle this type of task.

Works best with IE or Chrome
One of the main advantages here is that the application doesn’t require installation to work, so it’s good to go from the moment download is done. The set of features is found in a compact, yet intuitive interface which activates the proxy connection right from the start. You can choose a web browse method, as well as the preferred portal based on speed percentage.

Note, however, that the application is designed to work hand-in-hand with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It doesn’t integrate as a browser extension, but corresponding browser functions are used to ensure stealthy browsing. For instance, surfing the web via Chrome does so in an Incognito window.

Auto-detection or manual proxy configuration
The options panel lets you configure several application parameters. Thus, you can enable hotkey commands, disable proxy, delete cookies and history on exit, and define the local listening port. In case you don’t want to rely on the program’s proxy configuration, you can opt for auto-detection or manual configuration through the input of host and port.

You’re able to choose from the top three portal suggestions, with status indicated as colored dial, as well as speed percentage. You can enable the UltraShare feature which allows connections to be funneled through your computer, without actually affecting it or putting it at risk. The main window holds buttons to quickly launch an Internet Explorer or Google Chrome instance for secure navigation.

In conclusion
Bottom line is that it’s highly recommended to stay safe over the web. In this regard, UltraSurf offers a neat set of tools which are mostly automatically configured and rely on a secure proxy connection to use with Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Ultrasurf is a product of Ultrareach Internet Corporation. Originally created to help Internet users in China find security and freedom online, Ultrasurf has now become one of the most popular anti-censorship programs in the world, with millions of people using it to bypass Internet censorship.

Millions of unique users per month
Hundreds of millions of pages served per day.
Users from more than 180 countries.
Why use Ultrasurf?
Avoid internet censorship.
Encrypt online communications
Hide your IP from the websites visited
Fast loading of pages (except now, due to the increase in demand in Iran and the overload of our servers).
Easy to use
"UltraSurf not only impressively tested a free service, but it also rivaled some of the best-paid services in the market. In fact, there was barely any speed reduction. This product generally has a good reputation for performance and, in our tests, lived up to that reputation.

Ultrasurf is "the best performance of all the tools tested"

Harvard University Berkman Center 2007 Evasion landscape report
"Ultrasurf's user base expands every time an important social event occurs in China, such as the 2003 SARS outbreak or the Tibetan uprising in 2008."

UltraSurf is very easy to use. The program comes in a ZIP file and does not require installation. After downloading the program, simply extract it, double-click on the EXE file and the program will run.

The program will open IE by default, but you can change it in the preferences menu. A golden padlock icon appears in the system tray area of the screen, indicating that it has been routed through an encrypted proxy. The client also displays a simple status window that lets you know that you are connected. The selection of the server is automatic.

Summary of features
Easy to use
Does not require installation
Automatic server selection
Very high speed
Very accessible
No charge
Areas to improve

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