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Free Download Best collection of icons of computer high quality for all In computer science, an icon is a pictogram or ideogram that is displayed on a computer screen to help the user navigate a computer system. The icon itself is a readily understandable symbol of a software tool, function or data file, accessible in the system and is more like a traffic signal than a detailed illustration of the real entity it represents. It can serve as an electronic hyperlink or direct access to a file to access the program or data. The user can activate an icon with the mouse, pointer, finger or recent voice commands. Its location on the screen, also in relation to other icons, can provide more information to the user about its use. By deactivating an icon, the user can move directly in and out of the identified function without knowing anything else about the location or the requirements of the file or code.

The icons as part of the graphical user interface of the computer system, together with the windows, the menus and a pointing device (mouse), belong to the much broader subject of the history of the graphical user interface that has supplanted to a great extent to the text-based interface. for casual use





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