Powerpoint Icons

Insert icons in Microsoft Office

Easily insert icons and Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files into your Microsoft Office documents, workbooks, emails, and presentations. Once they're in place, rotate, color, and resize them with no loss of image quality.

Insert an icon

  1. Select Insert > Icons.


The question mark indicates help content Don't see this feature? Inserting icons and SVG files are only available to Office 365 subscribers on Windows, Mac, Android, or Windows Mobile.


2. Scroll through the icons or jump to a category by clicking the name in the navigation pane at the left.


3. Choose an icon and then click Insert at the lower right.

Insert multiple icons at the same time by clicking each of them before clicking Insert.


Rotate, color, and resize your icon by following the instructions here.

Insert Icons on Visio

The process to insert icons on Visio is slightly different. Here you need to go to the Shapes menu, choose Basic Shapes, and then Icons. From there you'll be able to select one of the categories of icons and choose the icons you want to insert into your diagram. 

Insert SVG files

SVG stands for scalable vector graphic file, which means you can rotate, color, and resize the file without losing image quality. Office apps, including Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel, support inserting and editing SVG files.

  • Insert an SVG file in Office for Windows: Drag and drop the file from Windows File Explorer into your document.

  • Insert an SVG file in Office for Mac: Go to Insert > Pictures > Picture from file to insert your SVG images.

  • Insert an SVG file in Office on Android or Windows Mobile: See Add pictures or videos to a file by using your mobile device for more information.

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