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VirtualBox is a complete general purpose virtualizer for hardware. Directed to the server, to the desktop, and to integrated use, it is now the only professional-quality virtualization solution that is also open source software. VirtualBox is a powerful virtualization product for companies and for domestic use. VirtualBox applications are useful for several scenarios: Run multiple operating systems simultaneously. VirtualBox allows you to run more than one operating system at a time. In this way, you can run the software written for one operating system in another (for example, Windows software on Linux or Mac) without having to restart to use it.
Since you can configure what types of "virtual" hardware should be presented to each operating system, you can install an old operating system such as DOS or OS / 2 even if the hardware of your real computer is no longer compatible with that operating system.
Software vendors can use virtual machines to send complete software configurations. For example, installing a complete mail server solution on a real machine can be a tedious task. With VirtualBox, such a complex configuration (often referred to as a "device") can be packaged in a virtual machine. Installing and running a mail server is as easy as importing a device of this type in VirtualBox.

Testing and recovery from disasters. Once installed, a virtual machine and its virtual hard disks can be considered a "container" that can be frozen, activated, copied, backed up and transported arbitrarily between the hosts. In addition to that, with the use of another VirtualBox function called "snapshots", you can save a particular state of a virtual machine and return to that state, if necessary. In this way, one can freely experiment with a computer environment. If something goes wrong (for example, after installing software that behaves badly or infecting the guest with a virus), one can easily go back to a previous snapshot and avoid the need for frequent backups and restores. You can create any number of snapshots, allowing you to travel back and forth in virtual machine time. You can delete snapshots while running a virtual machine to recover disk space.

Infrastructure consolidation. Virtualization can significantly reduce hardware and electricity costs. Most of the time, today's computers only use a fraction of their energy, as well as electricity, with low average system loads. In this way, many hardware and electricity resources are wasted. Therefore, instead of running many of this physical equipment that is only partially used, one can package many virtual machines into a few powerful hosts and balance the loads between them.

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