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WhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messengers on the mobile platform. Mobile applications for different operating systems allow groups of chats, share locations and send photos and videos among others. With the introduction of WhatsApp for Windows, you can now enjoy using your favorite messenger from your desktop. The free desktop application is compatible with Windows 8 and later operating systems.
Today, staying in touch with friends and family can be achieved in many ways, given the growing interest in communication solutions.
WhatsApp is a lightweight application that can help you connect with your contacts in a fast and efficient way by providing a wide selection of relevant functions.
Keep in mind that to benefit from the full capabilities of this program, you need a WhatsApp account. Moreover, both your computer and your mobile device must be connected to the Internet.

Soft design
This application comes with an elegant and minimalist user interface that covers a wide spectrum of simple functions. Therefore, numerous users can operate their controls without significant effort, regardless of their PC skills or previous experience with similar applications.

When you start the program for the first time, you need to scan a QR code with your phone so that your devices synchronize and allow you to access your account. In addition, you can choose to stay connected or disconnect automatically after a certain period of inactivity.

Send text messages, recordings or images.
WhatsApp can help you stay in touch with your contacts by providing multiple ways to do so. You can choose between sending text messages, audio or video recordings, images and also other documents. It is possible to take pictures with your webcam and send them instantly or select files from your computer.
Moreover, the chat window offers you an outstanding amount of emoticons that you can include in your messages by clicking on the dedicated button and choosing the one you prefer from the lists.

Group chat support
You can create group chats by selecting the New group option in the context menu, selecting a group icon by taking or uploading a photo and setting up a group theme. After adjusting the necessary settings, you can add participants by selecting them and clicking on the brand symbol.
In case you no longer want to show a certain conversation in the main window, you can delete it quickly by deleting it completely or by archiving it. Doing this is possible by right-clicking on the desired element and selecting the corresponding options or using the functions of the dedicated chat menu.

Reliable instant messaging application with several useful features
After all, WhatsApp is a lightweight and efficient application that can help you keep in touch with your mobile contacts by providing many useful features. It comes with an elegant design that encompasses several intuitive functions, which proves to be highly accessible even for beginners.

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