What skills are required to become a Hacker?

What skills are required to become a Hacker?

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What Skills are Required to Become a Hacker?

In simple words, there is no magic to becoming a Hacker. But, like anything else that is important, it takes dedication and enthusiasm to learn. It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of various topics that you can check out in below steps. These are the basics that every hacker should know before even trying to hack. Once you have a good grasp on everything in this area, you can move into the intermediary level.

Fundamental Skills

The best approach to turn yourself into a hacker is to begin from the fundamentals. Initially, you will have to master the basics to build a solid foundation. And once this is done, you’ll be in a position to explore new ideas and start thinking like a hacker. You can follow the below-mentioned points to start off your job as a hacker.

1. Explore the Basics

It is an essential need to become a hacker you need some basic computer skills. These basic skills go above the ability to create a Word document or navigate the Internet. You need to be able to use the command line in Windows, edit the registry, and set up your networking parameters. Before heading to learn the concept of hacking, you need to spend pretty much time doing some online research to find out more information about hacking. This will help you lay the groundwork for your future steps and actions.

2. Technical Skills

If you’re aiming to become an average to a good hacker, you need to acquire the following technical skills.



  • This is the fundamental hacking skill. Learning to program is like learning to write a good natural language.
  • You need to learn how to solve problems and automate tasks.
  • To become an elite hacker, programming is the most important skill that you can’t neglect.
  • It is always better to have some basic knowledge of programming languages like C, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

>>Operating System

  • There are several operating systems apart from UNIX.
  • Windows operating system is one of the most commonly compromised systems. Hence, it is good to learn hacking Microsoft systems, which are closed-source systems.
  • Learn everything about OS on how to operate them, working procedure, accessing to API’s and much more.
  • To become a great hacker, you need to know the cons of these operating systems and try to target them in a systematic manner.


You need to understand the basic concepts of networking and the inner operations as well. You need to learn in deep how each type of packet is generated and the tweaks you can do manipulating them. You need to gain pretty good knowledge on the following concepts.

  • Subnet, LAN, WAN, VPN
  • DHCP
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • DNS
  • OSI model
  • MAC addressing
  • ARP

>>Website Hacking

There are loads of techniques to do website hacking, just google OWASP.

If you wish to become a ninja, you need to gain more knowledge on below given concepts:


  • If you acquire deep knowledge in cryptography that includes usage, implementation and breaking process, then it would be much better to become a great hacker.
  • The more you learn the strengths and vulnerabilities of each cryptographic algorithm, the better the possibilities of overcoming it.
  • Moreover, cryptography can be used by the hacker to conceal their activities and avoid detection.

>>Reverse Engineering (& debugging)

  • Reverse engineering allows you to remove a bit of malware and re-build it with additional features and capabilities.
  • You need to learn how to debug or disassemble and analyze software to understand how a software processes its data and the process of info extraction from memory at run time.
  • Reverse engineering enables the hacker to take an existing exploit and improve its signature so that it can hop former IDS and AV detection.

>>(Anti-) Forensics

  • You will be considered as an expert hacker only when you are not caught! If you were caught hacking, then you can’t become a pro hacker.
  • The more you know about digital forensics, the better you can grow at avoiding and evading detection.
  • Learn where incriminating information is stored and also understand how to erase them in a secure way.

>>Exploit writing

  • You need to know debugging and computer memory to do this.

>> Virtualization

  • You need to become proficient in using one of the virtualization software packages that includes VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation.
  • You need a secure and protected environment to practice your hacks prior implementing them out in the real world.
  • A virtual environment is the best place that provides you a protected environment to test and refine your hacks.

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