Wilkin Brito

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    Below we present two lethal problems in our daily life, and that is that all or most of us are employees and some employers. It also depends on us in our daily lives to live with people, since we are social entities, that is why it is important to pay close attention when selecting our friends and colleagues. This text is the result of an advanced class that I did in the conquistadores club of the Adventist Church, where I had to develop related topics.

    Here we see then these two sections that relate so much to each other and both important.

    The dignity of work
    The purpose of God was to alleviate through work the evil introduced into the world by the disobedience of man. The work could make the temptations of Satan ineffective and stop the tide of evil. And although accompanied by anxiety, weariness and pain, the work is immobile; a source of happiness and development, and a safeguard against temptation. His discipline puts in check the complacency and comments the industriousness, the purity and the firmness. Therefore, it becomes part of God's great plan to restore us from the fall.

    One of the safest safeguards against evil occupation useful, while idleness is one of the greatest curses; because vice, crime and poverty are still in their wake. Those who are always busy, who happily deal with their daily tasks, are the useful members of society. By the faithful fulfillment of the duties they encounter on their way, they make their lives benefit themselves and others.

    Diligent work avoids many of the pitfalls of someone who "always finds some bad occupation for idle hands." Stagnant water soon corrupts itself; but a current that flows, imparts health and joy to the earth. The first is a symbol of inactivity; The second, of the laborious.

    The choice of partners.
    Young Christians should be very careful in forming friendships and choosing partners. Be careful, lest what you now believe is pure gold to become base metal. Worldly relations tend to put obstacles in the way of their service to God, and many souls are ruined by unhappy unions, whether commercial or marital, with those they can never raise or ennoble.

    The children of God must never venture into forbidden terrain. Marriage between believers and non-believers is forbidden by God. But all too often the unconverted heart follows its own desires, and marriages not sanctioned by God are carried out (Fundamentals of Christian Education, page 500).

    By: Wilkin Brito


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