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    Digital Camera 

    Digital camera is a very important tool nowadays. People would always want to save their memories in the shape of pictures that will last forever. People were amazed when the first ever camera introduced back in hundreds of years ago. At that time camera consisted of large and impractical components and it was very hard to use. In fact, it even took quite some time to develop the pictures on the paper. But now there are some products of digital camera that are very easy to use and with its pocket-sized feature, one can carry it everywhere. 


    Many products are offered in the “products” area and it also has the special accessories section to helps many customers that are not satisfied with their current original digital camera. Customers who got confused for their choice of Canon product should rest assured as there is a special feature in the website that can help one to choose the right camera. This special feature has three different categories inside: Canon advantages, product comparison, and quick overview. Boasting its superiority to other manufacturer, indeed Canon has the state-of-the-art technologies. Here it discuss how each major components of the camera functions, for example: the lens, image quality enhancer, viewfinder, and the camera object focus. Where-to-buy section provides helps customers to find the closest Canon retailer in the area. And customers can look for different sites for each different Canon cameras. For example if one want to look for 
    Canon S50, it is just a click away since the helpful link will deliver customer to there right away.


    Marketing Plan For The Digital Camera Industry


    James Cook University SMART CAMERA COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN SUBMITTED BY: RONI TOM PHILIP (13052725) AMARJIT SINGH (12849535) QI LU (12896294) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The digital camera industry is growing at very fast pace. Therefore, there is a very good potential for the companies in this industry. Mike, a young engineering graduate is planning to start a digital camera company after obtaining experience from the other company. 


    Pill Camera


    advancement of technology is the process of endoscopy, which is used to diagnose and examine the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract of the patents. It has been reported that this process is done by inserting an 8mm tube through the mouth, with a camera at one end, and images are shown on nearby monitor, allowing the medics to carefully guide it down to the gullet or stomach. However, despite the effectiveness of this process to diagnose the patients, research shows that endoscopy is a pain…




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