Weight loss exercise plan for women should be curated to meet your personal needs & goals

    Mary Orwells

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    Weight loss exercise plan for women should typically include a combination of different types of exercises that helps burn calories like resistance training and cardio exercise, along with following a healthy diet.

    To lose weight and those extra calories, you need to work out regularly. But, besides that, you have to focus on properly doing the right workouts. Low-intensity cardio like cycling or swimming helps your body adjust to the new exercise routine while helping burn calories. Many trainers advocate the use of jump rope or skipping as it helps burn about 1300 calories every hour. A combination of squats jumps, and push-ups are also advised to be able to help train specific muscle groups in the body. And then there are the High-intensity interval training cardio programs that are popular because they help burn calories and fat with greater effectiveness.

    Similar is the case with strength training exercises. These are a set of exercises that help enhance the metabolism of and make your muscle mass leaner. As a result, you will be able to burn calories and lose weight better.

    Now, there are too many options to choose from when you intend to lose weight. The perfect combination of exercises and workouts help achieve your fitness goals better. To be able to get the best results from a weight loss exercise plan for women, you need to make sure that you take professional help. You must have an experienced and specialized trainer working alongside with you to be sure that your fitness routine has all the essential elements of weight loss covered. 

    Choose a personal trainer who will first understand your desired output and then understand your skills and body tolerance limits to devise the best program. Personal trainers, these days are no longer limited to only face-to-face interactions. You can choose to work with an online trainer too. The advantage of having an online trainer is that you can work-out as per your convenience and availability. The training costs are also substantially lower and you have better access to the trainer as well as to other relevant tutorials to enhance your knowledge and skills. The best online trainer will design a customized weight loss exercise plan for women so that your end goals can be achieved with consistency and optimally.

    The essence of cross-training programs

    A personal fitness trainer will advise you on a combination of training programs. This is what cross-training is all about. Cross-training helps you address multiple fitness goals simultaneously. You need to communicate to your trainer what you want – is it only weight loss or is about shaping your body too, about bodybuilding, powerlifting and more. Once the trainer understands, he or she will prepare a personalized training program that will mix different training styles, keeping in mind:

    • your body capacity and ability
    • your skill and interest area
    • your overall fitness goals.

    Having said that, not all personal trainers have in-depth understanding and know-how. Make sure you choose the right trainer for optimized results.



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