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    A Vehicle has always been the prime necessity for the general public in India either it is scooter, motor cycle or car; it is not the time when having an own transport was treated as status symbol but nowadays it has become the need for everyone either in urban or rural areas to commute from one place to another.

    Where some changes proves beneficial to a part of generation on the other side it become a curse for all world. For example invention of petrol or diesel fuelled vehicles. At this current time this world is living under the alarming rate of air pollution and the major cause of this crisis is the pollutants emitted from vehicles.

    Air Pollution Caused by Vehicles

    India is the country of 125 million people and is the biggest consumer of motor vehicles or automobiles. These vehicles either operated by petrol or diesels, extremely affect the environment and our ecosystem. Generally pollutants emitted from car are one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. As we know that the whole world is under the fear of global warming and the biggest cause of it is the increasing level of vehicle pollution which needs a quick attention by all of us.

    Automobile impact on environment is about 80 to 90%. According to Environmental Defence Fund (EDF) on-road vehicles cause one-third of the air pollution and all transportation causes 27 percent of greenhouse gas emissions.


    Effects of Vehicle Pollution on the Environment

    With the increase in number of vehicles, pollution from these automobiles is increasing drastically. Combustion of fuel in vehicle emits various gases such as Sulphur oxide (SOx), Carbon mono oxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), suspended particulate matter (SPM) etc. These gases are creating immediate and long-term effect on the environment. Immediate effect are on the human for developing health hazard and long effect are harming the environment by creating global warming, acid rain, imbalance in eco system etc.

    These gases trapped the heat in the atmosphere and leading to increase in temperature of earth i.e. global warming. This increase in temperature affects ecology such as increase in sea level; destroy of natural landscapes, drought in many part of world, flood, Cyclone etc. These gases are depleting the Ozone layer; due to this Ultraviolet rays are easily reaching in atmosphere which is a source of various skin diseases. SOx and NOx in the atmosphere converts into acid during rain and destroy the crops, forest and other vegetation. CO2 concentration in the air is increasing and reached up to 400ppm at its alarming level.

    Diesel vehicles are more prone to generate air pollution and create various diseases such as cough, headache, nausea, asthma and other respiratory problems etc. Earlier, lead was used in fuel to increase the efficiency of burning, however it was discontinued as it was releasing poisonous gases such as lead, benzene in atmosphere which was more harmful if inhale by any person.


    Effects of vehicle pollution are increasing day by day with the increasing number of vehicles on the road. Effects of vehicle pollution are badly affecting the living beings on the earth and causing lots of health related problems. Slowly but surely, it may make the earth an unsuitable place for living; so, we must take it serious and run to stop the vehicle pollution by regarding all the possible solutions.