Airtel brand evolution


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    Airtel brand evolution

    Airtel brand evolution

    2. 2. MEANING OF Ad
    3. 3. Ø  The ad simply plays on the emotions. The motto is once again to ring the emotional bells of we sentimental Indians and it suceeds once againØ  We see Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Winston Churchill, Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, Dalai Lama, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, an old nun and Berlin Wall collapse. Each clip is an actual video of a moment that altered our history. The taglines with each clip are deeply touching. Sample this: Churchill- Two can win a war Sachin-One finger can break a billion hearts King- One dream can change the world Khan- Some can dissolve boundries Lama-One whisper can inspire hope Lata- One voice can move a nation Berlin Wall collapse- One act of defiance can spark a revolution
    4. 4. Ø  At the end of it we hear the Signature A R Rehman Airtel tune and many candles coming together to form a giant sign of peace. The final tagline is: That is the power of Human Expressions. It is so true. Expressions, open and subtle can change our lives forever. AirTel_Express_Yourself__commercial-99650-1.html
    6. 6. BRAND NAME
    7. 7. NO CHANGE IN BRAND NAMEØ  Airtel was born free, a force unleashed into the market with a relentless and unwavering determination to succeed. A spirit charged with energy, creativity and a team driven “to seize the day” with an ambition to become the most globally admired telecom service. is a JV between Singtel, (Singapore,Ø  Airtel Telecom Italia, Italy), and Bharti Telecom.
    8. 8. BRAND LOGO
    9. 9. MEANING BEHINED AIRTEL LOGO? The Airtel logo is a strong, contemporary and confident symbol for a brand that is always ahead of the rest.Ò  The Airtel Image style- It incorporates two solid, red rectangular forms whose counter form creates an open doorway.Ò  The Airtel Typographical style- The title case lettering with its capital A was deliberately chosen to reinforce the brands leadership position. The red dot on the letterform I cues Airtels focus on innovation.. The words Express Yourself are very much part of the brand identity.Ò  The Airtel Colour Palette- The lettering is grey so that the pure black of Airtel is visually unharmed.
    10. 10. WHY BLACK?YEAR:- 1995 The time when mobile telephony began in India a decade ago, the brand was all about aspiration. Thats understandable: a handset cost about Rs 45,000 - the price of a second-hand Fiat - and call charges hovered around Rs 16 a minute. Naturally, the target customer was clearly defined: elite, upmarket professionals and entrepreneurs. They positioned Airtel as an aspirational and lifestyle brand.REASON- Airtel was on a power trip: the logo was black, uppercase bold lettering; and the baseline was "the power to keep in touch". "From day one, it was decided that the brand should always connote leadership - be it in network, innovations, offerings or services
    11. 11. WHY FROM BLACK TO RED COLOUR?YEAR- 2000 This was also a time when customers needed to be educated; interest levels were high, but customers exposure to the cellular world was limited. Airtel took out full and half-page ads in newspapers, answering queries like "what is roaming?", "what is coverage area?" and "how to make international calls".REASON- To give the logo a new look and feel. Company wants to denote Innovation, leadership and enthusiasm in their logo.
    12. 12. BRAND SLOGAN
    13. 13. AIRTEL SLOGAN
    14. 14. WORDS
    15. 15. MY AIRTEL
    16. 16. SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH Airtel Live – A multi access entertainment portal on the mobile with the most comprehensive content in the spheres of movies, music, sports and mobile games Airtel Music On Demand signifies that the customer can listen to the music of their choice , anywhere. %20Bharti%20Airtel/bharti+airtel/media+centre/ fy2004-2005/pg3_bharti+fulfills+its+commitment +to+the+people+of+andaman+and+nicobar 
    17. 17. SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH(CONTI..)My Airtel helped positioning airtel closer to its customers in their mind.MCHEK - The latest service allows customers to sign-up for the service via the Internet or through their mobile phone in a matter of seconds and pay their bills with ease and convenience of their mobile phone.
    18. 18. SIGNATURE TUNE
    19. 19. SIGNATURE TUNE (2002)Ø  Introduced In 2002Ø  In 2002, Airtel chose one of the country’s most successful music composers A R Rahman and Tune he gives,denote "Live every moment": Rahmans signature tune for Airtel is, perhaps, the most downloaded ringtone in India.Ø  Rahman had been paid Rs 10 million for the campaign AirTel_Express_Yourself__commercial-99650-1.html
    20. 20. JINGLES OF BRAND
    21. 21. JINGLES OF BRAND “Nigahhein nigahon se mila kar to dekho, Naye logo se rishtabanakar to dekho…..”With this the focus have shifted to vibrating the innermost core ofa viewer’s heart. The ad is made up of five snippets, each one displaying theimportance of reaching out to others.In this Ad, there is the range of situations/relationships covered,from two little girls in the first one to an aged couple in the nextone to the young lovers and then to student-teacher pair.Best part about the ad is that it never shows anyone using acellphone !!This is definitely one of the best ads of recent times.It certainly makes you believe in the line --’’Aasman simat jaayega tumhare aaghosh mein, chahat ki baahenphaila kar tho dekho ’’.
    23. 23. TAGLINES OF BRAND Touch tomorrow‘ (1999)Live Every Moment (2002) Express yourself‘ (2003)
    24. 24. SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH TAGLINE Power to keep in Touch‘YEAR- 1995-1998SIGNIFICANCE--- The tag line Power to keep in Touch used in the brand promise was designed to make the user feel in control…powerful-- Positioned in premium category aimed at elite class of society.-- Perception of aspirational and lifestyle brandREASON FOR CHANGE--- Now, cellular service operators could drop their prices and target new customer segments.-- As the category developed with prices going down sharply, Airtel began talking to a wider spectrum of potential users. This gives the birth to the new Tagline. 
    25. 25. SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH TAGLINE (CONTI…) Touch tomorrow‘YEAR- 1999-2001SIGNIFICANCE–-- Airtel started talking to new segments by positively positioning and establishing itself as a brand that improved the quality of life.-- New look and the feel of the brand tagline indicated the core values of the brand i.e. leadership, performance and dynamism.REASON FOR CHANGE--- Airtel started to look from a regional level to pan India position-- Rediffussion DY&R, which is the ad agency that took charge of revamping Airtels brand image thought, To become a Indian leader, Airtel need to change its tagline . ad.html
    26. 26. SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH TAGLINE (CONTI…) Live Every MomentYEAR– 2002-2003SIGNIFICANCE—-- This was the first time A R Rehman had agreed to work for any brand, anywhere in the world. The music from the commercial became the most downloaded ring tone in the history of telecommunications.-- Tagline denotes that each and every person in India live every moment (emotions, feelings etc.) of the life with Airtel.REASONS FOR CHANGE–-- Rediffussion DY&R, which is the ad agency that took charge of revamping Airtels brand image again changed the tagline to give better tagline to Airtel which catches some emotional appeal.
    27. 27. SIGNIFICANCE OF EACH TAGLINE (CONTI…) Express yourself‘YEAR- 2003-2008…….SIGNIFICANCE—-- Express yourself was successfully launched taking the ownership of the entire space of communication and strengthening the emotional bond Airtel enjoys with its customers-- The masterminds behind the Express Yourself campaign are the joint vice-presidents: Mr. Prashant Godbole and Zarwan Patel.-- Airtel is a market leader in the cellular network and they wanted a very fresh and contemporary idea to build a brand image which their customers could identify". ad.html
    28. 28. JUSTIFICATION OF TAGLINE-- To justify this tagline Airtel comes up with an ad commercial which become popular among the people
    30. 30. 2002 BRAND AMBASSADORS 3 OCT, 2003Signed as B.A for Vidya/Madhvan, 23rd 2006Airtel april/2nd feb,08
    31. 31. REASONS FOR TAKING BRAND AMBASSDORS SHAHRUKH KHANYEAR- 2002REASONS—-- According to Mr. Atul Bindal, Director & Group Chief Marketing Officer, Shahrukh Khan’s core values of being a self made actor with his success & glamour . SACHIN TENDULKARYEAR- 3rd Oct, 2003REASONS–-- According to Mr. Atul Bindal , Sachin Tendulkar’s dedication, innocence and performance are today seen as a driver of self- identification amongst the masses.-- "Sachin and Airtel both are leaders having similar values and personality traits like trustworthiness, friendliness, youthfulness and trend-setters,
    32. 32. WHY REHMAN,SACHIN AND SHAHRUKH TOGETHER?YEAR– 2003-2007REASONS---- All the three are the leaders in their respective fields, so is AIRTEL. SACHIN - CRICKET SHAHRUKH - MOVIES A.R REHMAN - MUSIC COMPOSER-- Sachin 1st, he is a legend of Indian cricket, not only a batsman, he is a belief, a motivation - his mere presence brings so much to Indian dressing room.-- Shahrukh khan is one of the biggest movie star - Indian film Industry has produced, he has the record of holding most number of awards (including all categories)-- A.R REHMAN Blasting music, classical songs at a very young age. Popular among masses.

      Sachin Tendulkar and Shahrukh Khan are among the most popular names across, I wonder if there is any continent where people don’t know who these guys are, however, I am not much sure of far south America where Indian movies and cricket has far less impact. Sachin and Shahrukh are legends in this part of the world, billions of fans, both have bought huge revenue to Indian economy in past 15 years.

      Lets talk about Sachin 1st, he is a legend of Indian cricket, not only a batsman, he is a belief, a motivation – his mere presence brings so much to Indian dressing room. Sachin stands tall when it comes to records on he sits on, he holds the records – most number of runs scored in ODIs, most number of centuries in ODIs, holds the records of most number of runs in world cup, most number of 100s and 50s in world cup. However, people always tend to forget his efforts when it comes to his recent relatively bad form. I believe Sachin is God, if cricket is a religion, for many reasons – one reason is he has earned huge revenue for Indian economy. Some 15 years back, when Indian cricket board now known as BCCI was among the ordinary spots institution, is now the richest board across, and the influence Indian board has over ICC is huge – one example is IPL 2008 tournament, ICC is thinking to create bracket for IPL every year.

      A very big share Sachin has, when anyone starts to estimate the kind of money flow took place in recent years on Indian Cricket. Sachin has fans everywhere in all continents, he has more number of endorsements than anyone else in Cricket. I would say BCCI is lucky to have someone like Sachin who stands very humble, when it comes to fame and money.

      On the other hand Shahrukh khan is one of the biggest movie star – Indian film Industry has produced, he has the record of holding most number of awards (including all categories), Shahrukh has earned huge revenue for Indian film Industry. In last decade he has so many movies which are huge hit overseas, has done some good business. Shahrukh also brings a brand name, he has big endorsements under his belt, also has some big upcoming projects, simply he is the costliest star India ever had.

      If someone asks me to compare Shahukh and Sachin in terms of capital they bring for Indian economy I would say Sachin gets an upper hand, for the simple reason, Shahrukh has acted in some 15-20  hit movies which are successful overseas, just to point out I have overestimated the number of hits he has acted in. On the other hand, Sachin has far more popularity, far bigger revenue base, than his competitor, Sachin has ruled cricket in Europe, Australia, Asia, Canada and even in South America. The number of fans he has, and given he has played 416 ODI matches, I don’t remember the number of tests he has played – the number of fans comes every time to watch Sachin batting is enormous.

      Just to have a small Idea, Sachin has played around 250 matches in India, Indian grounds have an average seating arrangement of 30,000 – average ticket is around 1,000. This comes close to 750 Cr, which is excluding the matches he has played abroad, and of course the earnings outside India. Given that matches in UAE, Canada, Australia generates more than 10 times the revenue generated at home in India. A rough estimate could show up a brand value of Sachin to be close to 3,000+ Cr. This comes close to 1% of Indian GDP / BSE market capitalization. A single person has earned close to 1% of Indian GDP (2007), which is a significant contribution for a population of 1 Billion.

      Shahrukh Khan stands little behind, in the comparison, his Om Shanti Om, did a business of 175 Cr, which was however the biggest hits he has acted in after DDLJ probably, a rough estimate, if Shahrukh’s 15 hit movies have generated 100 Cr on an average then his brand value stands close to 1,500 Cr, I will add up another 750 Cr for the endrosements he has, and other revenue sources. Even then he stands around 700-800 Cr short of Sachin. However, his contribution to Indian economy cannot be denied.

      Vivek Misra

      - shahrukh-khan-bigger-source-of-revenue-for-india/
    33. 33. REASONS (CONTI..) VIDYA BALAN AND MADHAVANYEAR– 2008REASONS—-- Spontaneity and vibrancy are key attributes of Airtel. Vidya is a hugely talented actress who brings a lot of freshness and naturalness to any role. We are sure that these traits of Vidya will have a positive rub off on the brand as well.-- Madhavan is a big superstar in the southern region, now Airtel picks him up to connate leadership. brand-ambassador/2580/
    34. 34. REASONS (CONTI..) SAIF-KAREENAYEAR– 2008REASONS--- Bollywood real life couple Saif and Kareena are touted as the powerhouse couple. Their public display of personal emotions, fights, tattoos, love expression has done miracle. Like filmmakers, advertisers are also running after them with bagful of money to sign them for their products. The sizzling duo will soon be seen in ample of ads and latest they will be seen in Airtel ad.-- They will replace Vidya Balan and Madhavan who has mesmerized the audience with their sensuousness and on-screen chemistry-- According to a source, “Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are the hottest couple when it comes to brand endorsements ambassador/
    35. 35. BRAND COLOUR
    36. 36. BRAND COLOUR
    37. 37. WHY BLACK TO COMBINATION OF RED AND BLACK?-- The idea was just to refresh the brand and to give it a a classic and stylish look.-- Changed COLOUR to give more energetic and younger look.-- Indicated the core values of the brand were leadership, performance, enthusiam and dynamism. stories/152039ff.htm
    38. 38. CAMPAIGNS
    39. 39. AIRTEL DELHI HALF MARATHON 2008-- The World’s Richest & Most Prestigious Half Marathon is now the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon; in excess of 30,000 people will run together on November 9, 2008-- To commemorate the occasion, music maestro A R Rahman has prepared an exclusive Airtel Delhi Half Marathon soundtrack, which was showcased to the media and the gathering that included members of the governing bodies and representatives from the various partners to the event
    40. 40. AIRTELS HEALTH CAMPAIGN-- Leading mobile service provider Airtel and Wockhardt Hospitals together launched a `Good Health Campaign to mark World Health Day on April 7, comprising two health check-up packages at discounts of 75 per cent.-- Post-paid subscribers of Airtel can avail themselves of the Wockhardt master health check at Rs. 799, against an original cost of Rs. 3,200. Also available as part of the campaign is the Wockhardt Heart Check at Rs. 499, against Rs. 2,400, 2007040624310300.htm 
    41. 41. "GRAMEEN MOBILE PURATCHI"-- Bharti Airtel unveiled the "Grameen Mobile Puratchi" campaign for the rural market-- This scheme would benefit more than 45 lakh society members of IKSL(IFFCO KISAN SANCHA COOPERATIVE LTD.)-- Farmers would have five free Value Added Services under this scheme. The farmers will have five free voice messages on mandi prices, farming techniques, weather forecasts, dairy farming, animal husbandry, rural health initiatives on a daily basis Apart from this they would also be able to call a helpline, 534351 for any queries. The pack for farmers ranges between Rs 1,299 and Rs 4,000 along with the mobile phone, Bharti_Airtel_launches_campaign_for_rural_market/articleshow/ 3334771.cms
    42. 42. AIRTEL - JAI HAI CAMPAIGNThe USP is clear: feel proud of your country, and, by,extension, Brand Airtel. The single-minded focus isto cash in on the I-Day fever.
    43. 43. SOME OTHER CAMPAIGNS-- Airtel has created some highly acclaimed campaigns like Leadership campaign Quality Time campaign Magic Dalo Say Hello launch campaign Magic Hai to Mumkin Hai campaign
    44. 44. PRIMARY DATA
    45. 45. BRAND NAME
    47. 47. BRAND LOGO
    48. 48. BRAND LOGO What were the reasons to change?Change From BLACK to Dark Red Background is to refresh the brandand give it a new look.“Airtel wants to show its leadership by having only one letter capital innew brand logo.”The new look and feel of the brand signify the core values of the Airtelbrand accompanied by a set of supportive variables like courtesy,politeness and efficiency. The peripheral value of the brand was status.Change from 2nd to 3rd just to give it a stylish and classic look.
    49. 49. BRAND SLOGAN
    50. 50. BRAND SLOGAN - WHAT DOES IT SIGNIFY?“AISI AZADI AUR KAHAN” as the name itself is a self explanatoryone.This campaign we launched mainly for the prepaid subscribers.It signifies that there is no other cellular operator in the country,who gives premium and top class promotional schemes .
    51. 51. WORDS
    52. 52. WORDSAIRTEL LIVE is Indias largest WAP portal, accessibleto all Airtel customers . Customers can download awide variety of polyphonic ringtones, wallpapers,animations, sms tones etc.This is the user friendly service of airtel, only to airtelusersThis is new service of airtel to its postpaid customersfirst launched in Delhi and NCR region. It allowscustomers to sign-up for the service via the Internetor through their mobile phone in a matter of secondsand pay their bills with ease and convenience of theirmobile phone.
    53. 53. SIGNATURE TUNE
    54. 54. WHY AIRTEL NOT SWITCHED TO ANY OTHER TUNE APART FROM A. RREHMAN? This tune used for BRAND RECALLABILITY. Ø It was the most popular tune among the people. Ø People hear this tune and immediately associate it with the brand. Ø It was most downloaded ringtone in India. NOW WE ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO COME UP WITH ANOTHER TUNE…MAY BE IN 2009.
    56. 56. WHAT HAVE THE CHANGES IN PACKAGING & WHY?Colour of the Chip changed from RED to WHITE.Recharge cards having various offers, changing Brand ambassadors, and brand logo on them These changes were made to signify that the branding of airtel now changing according to the competition in the market.Whenever brand ambass. Changes, packaging also changed. Same was the case with logo .
    57. 57. TAGLINES
    58. 58. WHAT WERE THE REASONS FOR CHANGING THE TAGLINES? Ò  Power to Live Every Touch keep in Express Touch‘ (1995 tomorrow‘ (199 Moment (200 yourself‘ (2003) ) 9) 2)1st tagline signifies Brand Promise with the Airtel Customers.2nd tagline signifies to captures the new customers at that time i.ePremium class to middle class segment. Airtel started establishingitself as a brand that improved the quality of life.3rd tagline signifies the new look of airtel by changing its tagline.Airtelwants to have the EMOTIONAL BONDING with their customers.Duringthis period, Airtel signed A.R REHMAN, who then gives the signaturetune for airtel.
    59. 59. Express yourself‘ (2003)4th tagline Changed to give more clear picture of airtel. Thistagline was changed to show its more emotional attachmentwith the customers.For this Airtel comes up with campaign with Shahrukh Khanand nokia “Kuch Bandhan Atoot Hote Hain”
    61. 61. WHO HAVE BEEN YOUR BRAND AMBASSADORS AND IN WHICHYEAR? REASONS? We have endorsed Shahrukh, Rehman and Sachin in 2002 and 2003 respectively. WHY IN PARTICULAR YEARS? 2001- Shahrukh Khan got “BEST ACTOR “ award. 2002- A.R REHMAN specially signed by airtel for signature tune. 2003- After the sizzling performance in 2003 world cup, Sachin awarded with “CRICKETER OF THE YEAR” award. So Airtel wants to associate themselves with the leaders.
    62. 62. WHY DID YOU DROP SACHIN?He just ignored our question. WHY YOU SWITCH TO MADHVAN/VIDHYA BALAN FOR B.AChemistry between Madhavan & Vidhya Balan in movie guru wasSuperb. Their emotional appeal was quite good as compared toAbhishek/Aishwariya. Our main mooto to show the emotionalappeal in the ad. This was the main reason to take Vidhya and Madhvan.
    63. 63. WHY AIRTEL NOW SWITCH TO SAIF-KAREENA?The deal finalized just a few days back. I don’t want to comment on the future plans of airtel regarding this pair.REASON - “They are the hottest couple when it comes to brand endorsements.”
    64. 64. BRAND COLOUR
    65. 65. WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR CHANGING THE COLOUR?Colour changing Totally depends upon the ad agency. RediffussionDY&R..The new look and the feel of the brand indicates the core values ofthe brand were leadership, performance and dynamism.
    66. 66. CONCLUSION
    67. 67. BRAND NAMEAs it is seen from the secondarydata and primary data that therewas no change in the brand name.since its inception.
    68. 68. BRAND LOGOFrom the secondary data we can see that therewas 2 changes in the brand logo of airtel. Thiswas due to giving the new look to airtel logo, tomake the logo stylish and classic.From the primary data it was also the same viewwhich we got from marketer.So the logo changes to give logo classic look.
    69. 69. BRAND COLOURColour changing totally depends upon the adagency. Rediffussion DY&R..Changed COLOUR to give more energetic andyounger look.
    70. 70. BRAND SLOGAN “AISI AZADI AUR KAHAN” According to the primary and secondary data, From both the sources We gathered the same perception that Through this slogan Airtel wants to convey the message to the customers that“ there is no other telecom operator other than airtel, who gives premium services”To justify this, Airtel launched 2 campaigns- SAY HELLO CAMPAIGN MAGIC HAI TO MUMKIN HAI.
    71. 71. TAGLINESThere were no significant difference in the primary and secondary data.The only difference we found that to justify the tagline “EXPRESS YOURSELF” From the secondary data, We got that Airtel launched an ad commercial “BARRIERS BREAK WHEN PEOPLE TALK” But from the primary data, According to marketer, Airtel Justifies its tagline by having an ad commercial “KUCH BANDHAN ATOOT HOTE HAIN

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