Plex Media Player - Download Latest Version For All Device and Platform

Plex Media Player - Download Latest Version For All Device and Platform

Plex Media Player is a desktop utility designed to offer you an easier way to enjoy your data without having to rely on a browser. There are many people who rely on Plex Media Server to back up their movies and access them easily from a remote location, be it a browser or a compatible device.

Connect your Plex Pass account
To benefit from the features of this application, you must first log in to your Plex Pass account and link the current device with your account. You can then browse all the available folders and their multimedia contents without too much hassle.
The interface is very similar to that of Plex Home Theater, so the learning curve should not be too pronounced if you are already familiar with this tool.

Browse and enjoy your Plex content.
Plex Media Player allows you to explore recently released or added movies, as well as those you have already begun to see previously.
By selecting a single entry, you can analyze its title, duration and release date, along with a description. The channels and series are also compatible, which means you can take full advantage of this software solution regardless of the content that interests you.

Customize the configuration as you want
In terms of configuration, Plex Media Player provides you with a series of configurations that can be modified as you see fit. For example, you can change the background style or enable automatic login, as well as choose the audio channel you prefer.
In general, this application is the application to watch movies and listen to the soundtrack stored in your Plex account. Since it does not require any expert skills, it can be used even by beginners without any difficulty.

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