Divergent Book (Summary - Book Review - Book Order)

Divergent Book (Summary - Book Review - Book Order)
Author Veronica Roth
Cover artist Joel Tippie
Country United States
Language English
Series Divergent trilogy
Genre Science fictiondystopiayoung adult fiction
Publisher Katherine Tegen Books
Publication date
April 26, 2011
Media type Print (hardcover), e-book, paperback
Pages 487 (first edition)
ISBN 0-06-202402-7
OCLC 769412945
LC Class PZ7.R7375 Di 2011
Followed by Insurgent 

Divergent is the novel of the debut of the American novelist Veronica Roth, published by Harper Collins Children's Books in 2011. The novel is first of the trilogy Divergent, a series of dystopian novels of young adults acclimated in a Divergent Universe. The novel Divergent presents a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago and follows Beatrice "Tris". Before exploring their identity within a society that defines its citizens by their social affiliation and related to the personality with five factions, which eliminates the threat of any person exercising their independence Will and re-threatening the safety of the population. Behind the main plot, centered on action and dystopia, is a romantic secondary plot between Tris and one of her instructors in the Dauntless faction, nicknamed Four.

The novel has been compared to other books for young adults such as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner for their similar themes and their target audience. In particular, the novel explores the common themes of fiction for young adults, such as the authority of adults and the transition from childhood to maturity, as well as broader motives such as the place of violence and social structures within a society. post-apocalyptic society. Its main plot device, the division of society into personality types, is used in other works of science fiction. Beyond its literary context, Roth's open statement of his religion as a Christian has brought comments from Christian communities that support and challenge the novel.

Roth wrote Divergent while working on a Creative Writing degree at Northwestern University, and it was quickly purchased for publication along with later books of the trilogy (completed in October 2013). Summit Entertainment purchased the media rights for the book in 2011 and subsequently produced a film adaptation titled Divergent that premiered on March 21, 2014. The film, a hit with the public, generated $ 288,747,895 at the box office despite criticism of critics.

In a post-apocalyptic Chicago, the survivors are divided into five factions according to their dispositions: Abnegation, the disinterested; Friendship, the peaceful one; Candor, the honest one; Intrepid, the brave; and erudite, the intelligent. Each year, all sixteen-year-olds take an aptitude test that determines the faction for which they are most suitable. After receiving the results, the examinees choose a faction in the Selection Ceremony, no matter what their results were. Those who do not complete the initiation in their new faction become "factionless" and are forced to live in poverty on the streets of the city.

Beatrice Prior, 16, is born into an Abnegation family. She does not feel that she belongs to Abnegation because she does not see herself as disinterested. The results of your proficiency test are inconclusive and indicate an aptitude for three factions: Abnegation, Scholar and Dauntless. Beatrice's test administrator, Tori, warns her never to tell anyone that her results were inconclusive as this marks her as "Divergent." Beatrice is agonizing in Choosing the Day, unsure of remaining in Abnegation with her parents or moving to a different faction. On the day of the election, Beatrice decides to leave Abnegation and join Dauntless. His brother Caleb chooses Erudite.

The first task that all new Intrepid Initiates must do is to jump on a moving train. One of the other initiates, Christina, helps Beatrice get on the train. When Beatrice looks back, she sees that a child who could not jump on the train recedes in the distance. They take the train to the headquarters of Dauntless, where they are instructed to climb to its roof. Most initiates succeed, but a girl falls to her death. The Dauntless initiates have to jump to the entrance of the complex from the roof, Beatrice decides to jump first. When he reaches the bottom and lands in a network, he tells Cuatro, the Dauntless instructor, that his name is Tris.

Four explains that not all Intelligent Initiates will be able to enter the faction. Initiates must go through a series of training and evaluation. Unique to this faction, only the first ten initiates will remain, while the rest will be fired and will become factionless; On the contrary, the other factions allow all those who complete the initiation to enter. During his initiation, Tris befriends the transfer of initiates Christina, Al and Will, but comes into conflict with fellow initiates Peter, Drew and Molly. She also befriends the initiates born of Dauntless, Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene.

The initiation in Dauntless is composed of three stages. The first consists of learning how to handle weapons and knives and hand-to-hand combat with other initiates. Tris lacks the physical strength of most of his fellow initiates but finishes in sixth place by beating Molly, who ranks first. On the way, a relationship between Tris and Four begins to emerge, and Peter is hit by Peter in a fight. When the classifications for Stage 1 of initiation are announced, a jealous Peter, who finished second, stabs Edward's first place with a butter knife during the night. Edward then leaves Dauntless to have no features, and his girlfriend Myra follows him out of Dauntless.

During the day of the visit, Tris learns that her mother's origin faction was Dauntless.

Erudita arouses dissension against the Abnegation leadership in the city government and accuses Marcus, the Abnegation leader, of abusing his son. The fact that Marcus' son joined Dauntless two years earlier, and Tris and Caleb's election at the Election Ceremony, where they changed factions instead of remaining Abnegation, adds to the rumors. It is also claimed that abnegation is the hoarding of supplies destined to be sent to the city.

Initiates enter Stage 2 of their training, which involves simulations similar to aptitude tests. Initiates are forced to face hallucinations based on their deepest fears. The simulations act in a hypnotic way and the initiates forget that their situation is not real. Tris's divergent abilities allow him to remember that he faces a simulation, not a reality. She uses this advantage and wins first place in the class. Peter, Drew and Al attack Tris in revenge for a threatened sexual assault and attempt to kill her by throwing her into the abyss at Dauntless headquarters. Four intervenes and stops him. Later, Al begs for forgiveness from Tris, but she rejects it. Later he commits suicide by jumping into the abyss where he tried to kill Tris before.

The final stage of the Dauntless Initiation brings together all its fears in a single simulation, known as a landscape of fear. All initiates, including the Divergent, are aware that they are under a simulation and must use the skills they have learned in the previous stages to overcome each obstacle. Tris' relationship with Four continues to grow as she prepares for the final stage of the trial, and he lets her enter her own landscape of fear. Four has four fears in his landscape, which is an extraordinarily low number, hence his nickname. He also learns that he is really the son of Marcus, Tobias, the son of the leader of the Abnegation, to scholars accused of child abuse. Tris learns that the claims that Marcus abused his son were unfortunately true. Four share information with Tris that he discovered about Erudite's plans to use Dauntless to organize an attack on Abnegation.

Tris successfully overcomes seven fears in her landscape of fear. After her test, she and the other Dauntless members are injected with a new "follow-up" serum that is supposed to be activated if someone disappears.

Before the official initiation ceremony, Four invites Tris to return to his private apartment, and Tris expresses his feelings for him. The ceremony begins with the final classification position and Tris takes first place. In the middle of the celebration, he suddenly realizes that Erudite will use the "follow-up" serum to force the members of Dauntless to carry out his invasion of Abnegation.

The night after the ceremony, the serum induces a simulation and all the intrepid ones become soldiers who walk asleep under orders to attack the Abnegation complex. The serum does not work in Tris or Tobias because they are divergent. Tris and Tobias try to separate from the pack and escape when they reach the Abnegation complex, but Tris is shot and wounded. Tobias refuses to leave her behind and they are captured and taken before Jeanine, the Erudite leader who is the mastermind of the whole attack. She injects Four with an experimental serum that nullifies her Divergence, to control what he can see and hear. Jeanine directs Tobias back to the Dauntless control room to supervise the attack and condemns Tris to death. Jeanine managed to create a new serum that works in Tobias, changing her perception of people and events. Tris wakes up sealed inside a real-life glass tank that fills with water, but her mother breaks the tank and rescues her. Her mother reveals that she is also Divergent before they kill her by helping Tris escape. Tris escapes but is forced to kill Will, who attacks her under the influence of simulation. While going to get the hard drive with all the information from the control room, Tobias sees Tris and tries to kill her. The only thing that could break the effects of the new serum on Tobias was Tris' love and faith in him.

He finds his father, Andrew and Tobias' father, Marcus, in a safe house. Tris tells them the reason for the attack of Dauntless Abnegation. Later, Caleb, Marcus, Andrew and Tris head to the Dauntless complex to find the source of the simulation and make their way to Dauntless's headquarters. Tris's father sacrifices himself to clear the way for her to reach the control room. She confronts Tobias, who controls the mind, who attacks her. Tris realizes that he can not kill him and gives up. This causes Tobias to break the special simulation of sight and sound. Released, Tobias helps Tris close Erudite's simulation and release the remaining Dauntless from her mind control. They meet with Caleb, Marcus, and Peter, who helped Tris find the control room in exchange for his safety. The group boards a train to the Amity sector to find the remaining survivors of the Abnegation.


In the dystopian world of Beatrice Prior, Chicago, society is divided into five factions, each dedicated to the cultivation of a particular virtue: Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful ) and Erudite (The intelligent). On a designated day of each year, all sixteen-year-olds must select the faction to which they will spend the rest of their lives. For Beatrice, the decision is between staying with her family and being who she really is, she can not have both. So she makes a choice that surprises everyone, including herself.

During the highly competitive initiation that follows, Beatrice is called Tris and she fights together with her fellow initiates to live the choice they have made. Together they must undergo extreme physical tests of resistance and intense psychological simulations, some of them with devastating consequences. As the initiation transforms them all, Tris must determine who his friends really are, and where, exactly, an affair with a boy sometimes fascinating, sometimes exasperating, conforms to the life he has chosen. But Tris also has a secret, one that has hidden everyone because he has been warned that it can mean death. And as she discovers the restlessness and growing conflict that threaten to unravel her seemingly perfect society, she also learns that her secret could help her save those she loves. . . or I could destroy it.

Veronica Roth is the best-selling author in the New York Times of Divergent, the first in a trilogy of dystopian thrillers full of electrifying decisions, heartrending betrayals, surprising consequences, and unexpected romance.

About the Author
Veronica Roth is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant, and several stories written in the world of Divergent. Now a full-time writer, Ms. Roth, and her husband live near Chicago.

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