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Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel by the American writer Ray Bradbury, first published in 1953. It is considered one of his best works. The novel presents a future American society where books are forbidden and "firemen" burn anyone who is. The title of the book explains the title: "Fahrenheit 451: the temperature at which the paper of the book burns and burns ..." The main character, Guy Montag, is a fireman who becomes disillusioned with his role of censoring literature and destroy knowledge, eventually resigned his work, and is committed to preserving literary and cultural writings.

The novel has been the subject of interpretations that focus on the historical role of burning books in the suppression of dissident ideas. In a 1956 radio interview, Bradbury said he wrote Fahrenheit 451 because of his concerns at the time (during the McCarthy era) about the threat of burning books in the United States. In later years, he described the book as a commentary on how the mass media reduce interest in reading literature.

In 1954, Fahrenheit 451 won the American Academy of Arts and Letters Award in Literature and the Gold Medal of the Commonwealth Club of California. He later won the Prometheus Prize "Hall of Fame" in 1984 and a "Retro" Hugo Award, one of the six best retro novels that have been awarded, in 2004. Bradbury was honored with a Grammy nomination of spoken words for his version of the audiobook of 1976.

Adaptations of the novel include the 1966 film adaptation of François Truffaut and a dramatization of the BBC radio in 1982. Bradbury published a theatrical version in 1979 and helped develop a 1984 interactive fiction computer game titled Fahrenheit 451, as well as a collection of his stories entitled A Pleasure to Burn. HBO launched a television movie based on the novel and was written and directed by Ramin Bahrani in 2018.

Author Ray Bradbury
Illustrator Joseph Mugnaini
Country United States
Language English
Genre Dystopian
Published October 19, 1953 (Ballantine Books)
Pages 158
ISBN 978-0-7432-4722-1 (current cover edition)
OCLC 53101079
813.54 22
LC Class PS3503.R167 F3 2003

The acclaimed novel Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a masterpiece of twentieth-century literature set in a gloomy and dystopian future.

Guy Montag is a fireman. In their world, where the rules of television and literature are on the verge of extinction, firefighters start fires instead of extinguishing them. Their job is to destroy the most illegal products, the printed book, along with the houses in which they are hidden.

Montag never questions the destruction and ruins his actions, returning every day to his insipid life and his wife, Mildred, who spends all day with his television "family". But then meet an eccentric young neighbor, Clarisse, who presents a past where people did not live with fear and even a present where you see the world through the ideas in the books instead of the mindless talk of television.

When Mildred tries to commit suicide and Clarisse disappears suddenly, Montag begins to question everything he has known. He begins to hide books in his house, and when his theft is discovered, the firefighter has to run for his life.

Brilliant . . . Startling and ingenious . . . Mr. Bradbury’s account of this insane world, which bears many alarming resemblances to our own, is fascinating.

About the Author
Ray Bradbury (1920–2012) was the author of more than three dozen books, including Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles, The Illustrated Man, and Something Wicked This Way Comes, as well as hundreds of short stories. He wrote for the theater, cinema, and TV, including the screenplay for John Huston’s Moby Dick and the Emmy Award-winning teleplay The Halloween Tree, and adapted for television sixty-five of his stories for The Ray Bradbury Theater. He was the recipient of the 2000 National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters, the 2007 Pulitzer Prize Special Citation, and numerous other honors.

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