Tips About Satta Matka Kalyan Fix Jodi Today and How to Play


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    In the world of gambling a very common name is Satta. If you are a veteran in the gambling world then there is not much description you need about this game. However for all newbies out there, Satta is one of the most popular luck based betting games popular all across India and in some parts of Pakistan as well. This game is purely luck based where once your chosen pair wins the circumference you get around 80 times the bet amount. So for the newbies out there here is a brief description of the game.

    An Insight into Satta Matka

    Originally Satta Matka started during the pre-independence era as to bet on the opening and closing share prices of cotton in Bombay Cotton Exchange and New York Cotton Exchange however with customisation it became a random number based lottery. There are two major types of Matka that runs through at present. One is the famous Satta Matka Kalyan open which was introduced by Kalyani Bhagat and the other one is the Worli Matka by Khatri.

    Rules and Games

    As per the rules and terminologies of the games are concerned it is a game played in Jodis or pairs. To play simply pick 3 cards for open and 4 cards for the closing set. Now you need to sum the net value of the triplet cards which is called berij. Once the sum is known just ignore the tens place consider the units place, make your Jodi and place the bet. Generally leading online Satta sites shows Satta Matka Kalyan fix jodi today, live over the portals and you can make your claims. Other than the jackpot winner there are also multiple rewards given throughout the day as well.

    So, opt for leading Matka sites and be the king of your fate now.