How to wear seatbelt during pregnancy

This month is my sixth month of gestation. The tummy bump is quite obvious. How to wear a seat belt and feel comfortable at the same time is becoming an issue. The following are the tips told by my practitioner. Hope they are helpful to other mothers-to-be.

Don’t wear the seatbelt or shoulder harness high over your abdomen. The jerk caused by a sudden stop can cause damage to your uterus and the fetus. Do not fasten the belt loosely, doing so not only affords no protection but also may cause additional injury during the accident.

If there is no shoulder harness, as in many backseats, adjust the seatbelt to fit under your protruding abdomen and across your pelvis. Many physicians felt that sudden stops present an additional danger to your unborn child if the seatbelt buckle rests on your abdomen. Most new cars have buckles on the side, resting near the hip, but if yours has a front fastening, you may wish to have it replaced with a safer system.

The shoulder harness is probably the safest and most protective feature of any automobile restraint system. Be sure to wear your seatbelt whenever you are in a car.



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