What is Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing, that search engines interact with the content that is well-linked with social media, so we find major international companies employ marketers only for the position of a marketer on social media, and this is important?

As for the Google search engine, the same thing applies to it, which is the most useful search engine, and it realizes more quickly the sites and blogs that interact on the social networking site, and thus this helps in the progress of the site or the blog in the search engines.

This is normal because it is made by Google itself, so it is one of the most important sites on which an interactive interactive page must be made for marketing through.

As for Facebook, it is the first and most important in terms of the need to focus on it, as it now reaches a billion users, or it is close to that.

The best and most famous social media
1- Facebook.
2- Twitter.
3- LinkedIn.
4- Snapchat.
5- YouTube.
6- Pinterest.
7- Instagram.

10 Tips on Social Media Marketing

1- Don't try too much to sell products or services on social media because they did not innovate in the basic of buying and selling, rather they are for 'social communication', i.e. news reporting, trading of useful photos or links, education and education, and sharing with your friends what they care about.

2- Defining the target audience before starting advertising campaigns, and the general language, customs, and traditions of this audience must be respected.

3- Check the statistics with Google Analytics to find out the most popular social networking site for visitors, then focus on it. Inevitably, you will find two or three sites at most interacting with your site or your content, not all of them.
4- Statistics are also lost for another important reason, which is knowing more and more posts or topics that users interact with and increasing and reducing topics that they do not interact with.

5- Share topics that may be useful to the user, even sometimes if they come from another person or site, or some news related to your field, products, or services.

6- Make posts and topics as brief as possible because most visitors do not have the time and energy to read your articles, for example, if they need 10 minutes or more.

7- Paid marketing is better and faster, but for those who can not interact with other pages and enrich them, then put the link and it should not be annoying or it appears as a random link to links.

8- Be interacting with those who interact with your content and do not ignore them because people love those who care about them and do not ignore them.

9- Forget ridicule, skepticism, or defamation in competitors or even critics.

10- Use the pictures and choose them well with the publications because it gives something of beauty and attractiveness, unlike the publications and topics that do not contain any image.