The Benefits of Having Professional Headshots

    Mansi Sharma

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    A professional headshot is an asset if you are looking to get hired by the top companies in your chosen industry. Posting a professional corporate headshot photo on your LinkedIn account or on your resume is an excellent means of showcasing professionalism, personality, and trust to potential employers.

    In this day and age, companies have capabilities that allow them to come up with first impressions even before face-to-face interviews with candidates. When your headshot is professionally taken by a skilled and experienced headshot photographer, you will soon realize how good of an investment this will be to your corporate career or your business in the long run.

    A promising career in the business or corporate world just might start with sophisticated and professional headshots of yourself.

    Form genuine connections with others

    There is only a limited amount of information that you can learn about a person through reading his/her resume. The same goes for businesses with their catalog's and company portfolio. In order to truly know someone, recruiters and clients need to establish face-to-face interaction to assess if they are the right fit for the job.

    Did you know that almost 85% of recruiters, investors, or clients only need to scan a single page for them to decide if they want to pursue a candidate employee? Given this fact, we realize that having a picture taken by a headshop photographer can make or break your chances of at least getting interviewed by your potential future employers.

    Your headshot should, therefore, look authentic and warm, which in turn will easily connect with your target audience- in this case, employers and clients or investors for budding entrepreneurs.

    An easy and effortless marketing tool

    Professional headshots can help you in selling yourself to others. When you are out in the world looking for a job, you need to establish a competitive edge from other applicants. You want to capture their full attention and one of the most effective means of doing so is through effective communication. One great way of communication and selling yourself to potential employers and clients is by having headshots skilfully taken by a seasoned headshot photographer.

    Headshot photography will help you in forming a pleasant working relationship right at the onset in your chosen industry or network. Bear in mind that your headshot is your public face. This means you need a professional photographer specializing in headshots if you want to genuinely connect with people in your industry and across different sectors, too. After this, all you need is original and unique content to further enhance your chances of employment or gaining an important business transaction with other companies.

    Your workforce is your most powerful advertisement

    If you want greater chances of getting hired by a company or striking that business deal with a big client, an outdated photo from 10 years ago won’t work to your favor. An update of your corporate image sends out an important message to companies and fellow professionals like yourself.


    An updated professional headshot illustrates your relevance, proficiency, and expertise in your chosen industry. Your headshot taken by a professional photographer will be the first thing that your future employers and business associates will see, so you want to make sure that face in the photos are the one you’re wearing at the present time.

    In the case of businesses, the headshots of your team members will be highly recognized everywhere, especially if they are taken by a seasoned photographer that specializes in headshot photography. A cohesive brand through impeccable headshots ultimately connects better with your target audience.

    MG Marshall Headshots can make a difference in the image that you want to portray out into the world. We will help you showcase that you are a true professional as the superior quality of our headshot photographs will successfully reflect your high level of professionalism and expertise. If you live in Dallas and have any questions on how we can help you achieve the best professional headshots, we are one call away! We are looking forward to taking great headshots of you!


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