Samsung’s new luxurious sensible flip phone has the widest aperture lens system nonetheless

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    Samsung’s new luxurious sensible flip phone has the widest aperture lens system nonetheless

    Samsung unveiled a brand new costly flip phone, the Samsung W2018, throughout a launch event in China nowadays, as initial reportable by GizmoChina. several of the W2018’s specs square measure on par with the S8 and Note eight, with one exception: the lens system.

    The W2018 is that the latest addition to Samsung’s W line, that gets updated with a brand new flip phone each year. It’s conjointly the tenth day of remembrance of the W series, that remains fashionable in Asia. they're priced on top of typical Samsung world flagships, just like the S8 and Note eight. A chintzy Chinese ad for the phone reads, “Hi Bixby, what’s true luxury?”

    With Associate in Nursing aperture of f/1.5, Samsung claims that the W2018’s 12-megapixel rear camera will capture sharp pictures in less light-weight than the cameras on rival phones will. It conjointly contains a 5-megapixel front camera. Through computer code, the camera will sense once there’s enough light-weight to change to f/2.4 and capture additional of the background in photos. The phone can launch with humanoid candy, rather than cookie.

    The W2018 contains a four.2-inch full HD AMOLED front show and a four.2-inch full HD inner show. As retro touches that create Pine Tree State homesick as I sort them, it's a directional pad and variety computer keyboard. There’s a fingerprint scanner beside the rear camera, like different Samsung models, and a Bixby button for voice help. It comes in gold and noble metal in a very metal-and-glass body protected by great ape Glass.

    It’s equipped with a Qualcomm flower 835 processor with 6GB of RAM and 64GB or 256GB storage choices. 2,300mAh battery powers it all.

    As a shot to sweeten the deal for luxury lovers, Samsung says that W2018 patrons conjointly get perks like caretaker facilitate at airports and subways, free computer code school support, and a hotline only for VIPs. The phone can get free in China initial and therefore the worth is nonetheless to be proclaimed, however we will guess it'd be even on top of the W2017’s tag of $3,000. That’s plenty to get hold of school support and taking clear photos at midnight.