Balanced health food and its benefits

Balanced health food and its benefits

In the past people used to rely on the products of the animals they were raising, and the home plants they were planting, and these foods are characterized by high nutritional value, and cooked food remains the best, and this is not in the world we live today, as everyone is busy with jobs And long-term occupations.

Everyone is resorting to junk food that is not well cooked, and it is not known what the real nature of the material is. The most dangerous thing is that children and boys eat in schools. You get used to eating it.

Definition of healthy food

It is a food known for its source, which provides the human most important food ingredients that need balanced proportions commensurate with its kinetic energy. Water and vitamins are the most important food ingredients needed by humans and are easily digested, sugars, proteins, fats, and mineral salts are other nutrients needed by humans.

Benefits of balanced health food

There are many benefits that a person gains when following a healthy balanced diet, including:

Healthy food increases the bioenergy of the body and becomes more capable of doing different activities and actions as opposed to fast foods rich in fat and fat and reduces body energy and weakens.

Continuing to eat healthy food maintains the normal weight of the body without increasing or decreasing.
The protein helps to build new cells instead of damaged cells, while sugars and fats give the body the energy needed to do various motor activities and activities. Vitamins have a variety of benefits, including oxidation of various toxins, and calcium strengthens Bone, sodium, and potassium contribute to the transfer of nerve cells. Phosphorus increases mental activity, strengthens memory and increases bone strength and stiffness.

healthy food helps to increase the body's resistance to diseases, and it helps prevent diseases caused by malnutrition, which is caused by an increase in the level of cholesterol.


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      Wellness in the Modern World

      Wellness is the state of good physical and emotional health, and is further enhanced by a balanced diet, exercise, and healthy living habits. Nutrition refers to providing our bodies with the right foods and nutrients, in our ability to keep it healthy and functioning properly. Healthy living habits are those that do not cause us harm, such as avoiding smoking, drugs, and drinking excessive alcohol.
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