Pregnancy and eye diseases


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    Pregnancy and eye diseases

    Numerous physiological changes occur in the body. These changes affect various organs of the body, including the eye. Most of the changes that occur in the eye are transitory and temporary and decline after birth but there are some diseases that develop in pregnancy and need immediate treatment to maintain consideration. There are also some diseases in kind that must be addressed before planning for pregnancy. In this article we will discuss in some detail the diseases that affect the eye during pregnancy and what should be done to prevent them.

    Natural physiological changes that occur in the eye during pregnancy:

    Increased pigmentation around the eye.
    Inflammation of the eyelids.
    Enlargement of capillary vessels in the eyelids.
    A slight drop in the eyelid may appear in one side.
    Corneal hypersensitivity.
    Increased corneal thickness: Therefore, the pregnant woman may notice that her glasses are no longer suitable and this disorder will disappear after birth.
    Do not wear contact lenses.
    Dry Eye.
    Transient lack of conformity.
    Deficiency of the eye: It returns to what it was after the birth.
    Appearance of pigment deposits on the lining of the cornea (Crockenberg).
    Therefore, it is recommended not to change the glasses in pregnancy and postpone the description of new glasses for birth and delay the process of laser correction of the postpartum.

    The most common pregnancy-related diseases:

    First: Diabetes and pregnancy:
    Pregnancy increases the severity of retinal injury by diabetes, which increases the degree of injury of the retina and increases the edema of the staining of sugar, which leads to poor vision

    Will every diabetic patient catch her retina during pregnancy?

    This relates to several factors:

    The duration of pre-pregnancy diabetes, meaning that there is pre-pregnancy diabetes, is different from that of 6 years.
    Is the retina infected before pregnancy or not? Non-retinal injury differs from mild injury and differs from severe injury
    Is diabetes diagnosed before pregnancy or not? This is appreciated through the analysis of diabetes mellitus or what is known as cumulative sugar.
    Is there hypertension or not?
    Factors during pregnancy such as pre-eclampsia or gestational poisoning. As this disease is most common in women sugars.
    Therefore, patients with diabetes should check the retina before pregnancy in order to determine the degree of infection if found, for example when there is:

    Severe retinal injury with no new vessels We needs laser pre-pregnancy laser therapy.
    While in the case of a retinal injury and the presence of new blood vessels need laser treatment before pregnancy.
    Light and medium retinal injury with no new vessels then delayed pregnancy until blood sugar control
    Yellow staining is also treated before pregnancy.


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