weirdest ways to Die


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    weirdest ways to Die


    Death is a pillar of life, and life is a pillar of death. They do not make sense to one another without the other.  Many believe that death is the only real thing among the lies of life. Death is the truth that has surrendered to humanity from the beginning. It is harsh as all the facts we hate. But it is a fact that both the old and the young learn after a while. Death is one event that happens to everyone, may be a heart attack, and may be a pistol shot, and maybe a car accident, a train or an airplane, no difference. If you quickly see the diseases that can kill you, you will be amazed by the miracle of the soul which can never be seen but it's just what makes us alive and when it's gone, the past page of our life's book is cut and just the story ended. Human are very weak, very fragile but all causes remain leading to the same result, which is a dead body lying in front of you, the sight of a blind eye, without the silence of his heartbeat to his sleep. But the eyes; I do not know who described the eyes as a door to the soul, but he is a genius. With one look in one's eyes, you will know that the divine miracle that made the mass of muscles, tissues, and organs that feel and think and love and quarrel.


    The Brothers Homer and Langley Collier were people who loved to keep things close. They were afraid to get rid of anything. They were obsessed with gathering newspapers and other residues in their home until they put traps in the corridors and entrances to protect them from thieves.  In 1947, the police received information from an unknown person that there was a body in Collier's house.  After an arduous and a strenuous effort by the police to try to enter the house, the police found Homer Collier dead but they found no trace of Langley. Two weeks after removing 100 tons of garbage from the house, the body of "Langley" was found decomposed and mice had eaten parts of it 10 feet away from where they found his brother's body.

    It was clear that Langley was crawling through the newspapers to bring food to his crippled brother. He fell into a trap and died. His brother died several days later of hunger.

    Death by Candy:

    The Swedish king Adolf Frederick from 1751 to 1771. , was famous for his love for food very much. His reign is perhaps best remembered for the way it ended: with the king eating himself to death.

    On Shrove, Tuesday on February 12, 1771, Adolf Frederick observed the holiday in a traditional manner by eating a lot of pleasurable foods in preparation for the season of Lent. The food-loving king died in 1771 at the age of 61 because of digestive problems after eating a large meal consisting of lobster, caviar, cabbage soup, smoked herring, champagne and fourteen plates of his favorite desserts and semlas for dessert. Semlas are buns made from white flour that had first appeared in 1541. Since then, they had come to be traditionally eaten by Sweden’s king and privileged on Shrove Tuesdays. They had also become the king’s favorite dessert, which helps explain why he ended up eating so many of them. The king ate 14 of them in one sitting. Even more incredibly, these were not just plain old semlas; each of them was served to the king in a bowl of hot milk flavored with cinnamon and raisins.

    Death due to representation:

    Clemente Valantigam was an American lawyer and political man. He was one of the most successful lawyers. He rarely lost a case. In 1871, he defended Thomas McGeehan, who was accused of shooting Torren Mires during a fight in a bar. The defense of "Valandigham" on the defendant is that Thomas accidentally hit himself trying to pull his gun in a kneeling position on the ground and to convince the jury by his theory, he decided to represent that theory in front of them, and unfortunately, the pistol he pulled was loaded with bullets. The lawyer ended his own life by shooting himself in error, and with his death, the lawyer proved the success of his theory and his client obtained his innocence.

    Death by chance:

    On March 23, 1994, the autopsy report of Ronald Opus revealed that he died of a gunshot to the head after jumping from the roof of the ten floors building in an attempt to commit suicide, leaving behind a message expressing his despair of his life. During his fall, he was hit by a bullet fired from one of the windows of the building he jumped from. The suicide bomber did not know of a safety net on the eighth floors so his plan to commit suicide could have failed. From the examination, it was found that the bullet that struck him was fired from the ninth floor. The discovery of the apartment turned out to be a couple of elderly people lived years ago, and was known among the neighbors with a lot of quarrels. At the time of the accident, the husband threatened his wife to shoot her if she did not shut up and was in a state of intense agitation so that she unconsciously pressed the trigger and the bullet went out of the gun. But it did not hurt the wife but went out of the window as soon as Ronald's body passed in front of it and hit him in the head killed. It was also found that the wife of the old woman had already cut off the financial aid for their son and that their son had conspired with his parents by stuffing the gun with bullets, and was aware that his father had usually threatened to kill his mother with that empty pistol. Since the son's intention was to kill, he became involved in the crime, even if he did not press the trigger, and here the charge of murder from father to son was changed to murder by Ronald Opus. The other surprise was that the son accused of murder was the suicide bomber or the dead Ronald Opus.

    Death of Laughter

    Chrysippe de Soles was a Greek philosopher who contributed his ideas and theories to many scientific fields including philosophy, logic, physics, religion and mathematics. His favorite subject was logic. On the day Chrysippe de Soles decided to trick his donkey by feeding the donkey a substance containing alcohol, this caused the donkey to take and excessively eat the figs from the tree, causing Chrysippe de Soles to start laughing hysterically that he could not stop until his heart stopped. The same action in the modern age for a person who died of laughter,  an English construction worker called," Alex Mitchell" began to laugh uncontrollably while watching a comedy play called the Goddess and after half an hour he falls dead.

    Death due to chewing gum:

    Vladimir was a chemistry student at the Kiev Institute of Applied Arts in Ukraine. He was 25 years old. Vladimir had a strange fondness of chewing gum in citric acid powder to give it a bitter taste, although the strangeness of this hobby was not to cause any harm, The most important reason for the death of Vladimir, where it was mixed on one occasion and added a dangerous explosive compound thought to be the usual compound in the addition of flavor to the gum, and resulted in this simple error a small explosion when blended Vladimir saliva with this unstable powder, and this explosion is strong enough to remove Vladimir's jaw completely and cause Severe deformities and injuries to his face to become one of the worst deaths, and despite the arrival of police and paramedics quickly no one was able to provide assistance to this young man who died because of this strange habit that has caused one of the strangest cases of death.

    Death by the hand of a robot:

    When the imagination of the future is full of intelligent robots, or in a more conscious sense, will it be able to produce, develop and maintain it, eliminating the need for human intervention? Or will they resent our existence and try to control us? Will we end up on one of the cold iron hands of the things we have made to try to improve our lives?  Whatever the answer to all these questions, it was the unconscious type of robot that made the greatest threat to Kengi Yorada. For Kengi Yorada, it was the unconscious type of robot that posed the greatest threat. While working at the Kawasaki plant in 1981, he was assigned the task of identifying and maintaining faulty robots, and during the repair of a robot, he failed to stop the robot completely before it and suddenly the robot, with its mechanical strength, pushed the helpless man to a grinding machine next to him. This was one of the most famous deaths, with Kenji being named the second man over time killed by a robot.


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