Life secrets to happiness


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    How to live happily on your own? 

    A question posed by the site wikihow and it was answered through several tips from those who do not live happily with a partner who takes their hands to the path of happiness and optimism and joy. Here are some advice by the users of the site which anybody who may has the same problem may find helpful. the best thing about it is; it has been experienced before so when it is said highly recommended it does make sense.

    See the positive side of your current situation

    In the beginning, the site advises you to teach yourself to love your current situation without a partner and to think about all the positive aspects of this situation and look at the negative aspects and bitter problems experienced by the owners of relationships.

    Express yourself in writing

    Writing from the creative activities recommended by the site to complete all the energies of sadness and frustration that you feel as well as to keep all the times when you feel happy and come back to it at any time to give you a positive feeling, and may discover in yourself a talent or your writing may be a source of inspiration to others.

    Reading  for Life

    A full life you will find among the bookshelves takes you to a parallel world where you will experience various experiences that will surprise, delight and inspire you and may change your life forever.

    Music is endless fun

    Music is fun, not endless, listening to music gives you calm and relaxation and gives you joy and pleasure and forget with it all the feeling of tightness, especially if you tried to dance on the rhythm of music, then you will double your joy.

    Relaxation time

    You need to always take time out of your busy day to relax, think and meditate. You can do it at the beginning of your day to provide yourself with the positive energy that will help you to be optimistic and accomplished and you can do it at the end of the day to rethink everything you did during the day and what you need to correct or complete tomorrow.

    Buy a pet

    You feel the need for tenderness and love you may find it when you have a pet. Your friend is the friend who welcomes you warmly when you enter the house and sits next to you and you also can freely speak to him without embarrassment.


    Sport is one of the things that give you happiness and joy and always fills you with positive energy.

    Travel to new places

    Travel gives you an incomparable pleasure Discovering and visiting new places will make you aware that your life is rich and complete and lacks nothing.



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