He MostTĀ Horrific Crimes That Are Chilling


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    When you read these crimes, which will make you shudder, you may ask yourself where is the presence of mercy in this life and what is the reason that may prompt the human to act this cruel? Does cruelty become the title of our world which we have to live in? When the evil could control the soul of the man, it turns the man into something else, it turns him into something horrible, and he can't be likened to animals because it will be unjust for animals as long as animals are merciful to each other, unlike humans. But when a man turns into a terrifying monster, he becomes a source of fear for all the creatures around him. This is a matter of concern. In this article, it will be reviewed the 10 most murderous crimes a man may commit against his fellow Humans. These crimes have occurred in different countries of different cultures and people all live in the same vast universe.

    An Indian actor was killed the same way she killed in a movie of hers:

    We start from the artistic community, to watch a crime, not from an Indian movie, but from the reality of the streets of India, where the body of  Indian actress, "Minakashi Thabar" was found headless, a scene that violates humanity, but was no less horrifying when compared to her role in the horror film "404", after being kidnapped by two Indian actors, "Amet Gesual" and "Preity Surin", after hearing her talk about the wealth of her family.

    The two representatives threatened her mother that they would force her daughter to take part in immoral films if the money was not paid. After they got the money, the actress was kidnapped in a hotel; her head was removed from her body and placed in a suitcase.

    They cut off the penis because he married their daughter:

    This happened with a Lebanese young man," Rabee Ahmadi " in his 30s who had gone to Beirut to work and fell in love with a girl called "Radina" and ended up like them due to their secret marriage, that was because the girl was from the Druze sect and the young man was a Sunni Muslim, which may create a state of tension between Lebanese communities.

    One day the couple received an invitation from the wife's family saying that they want to meet with the young man since he became one of the family, rejoined the young man  and faster to accept the invitation, but as soon as he arrived at the wife's family  house, he was beaten by the wife's family  and then was dragged to the town where they severely tortured him, and before killing him as the police arrived, but not before they had just cut off his penis.

    He got rid of his sister's body after killing her in the Indian way:

    A 20-year-old Saudi man in Al-Jawf district assaulted his 30-year-old sister by beating her with a sharp object and stabbed her in the body with several stabs in sporadic parts that led to her being killed in their house during the absence of the family. After the young man confirmed that his sister had died, he used the Indian way to get rid of her body, where he burned he body and went to the top of the roof of their house and scattered the ashes on the surrounding houses nearby so that the body is not identified.

    A servant burns her master's daughter:

    Story of a rural girl forced because of difficult living conditions to move to Cairo and work as a servant in one of the houses in the area of Zamalek, This girl was called "Reza" and as soon as she moved to the house where she will serve she found a welcome from the lady of the house and also she sympathized with her and grew up friendship between" Reza" and "Heidi " the daughter of the lady. Heidi gave the savant a lot of her private possessions and clothes as her case was pathetic. But the feelings of jealousy and greed found a way in the heart of the servant  girl instead of gratitude for the girl ;Reza took the girl's clothes without permission, and Heidi warned her more than once but when Reza did not listen to the repeated warnings, the girl rebuked her and asked her mother to expel her . The servant decided to take revenge, she sneaked in at night, threw alcohol on the girl's body and spread it all over the bed then she stopped in front of the girl and watched her burn, then she fled. But the police easily caught up to her and she was sentenced to death.

    The killing of a child named "Zina" after an unsuccessful rape attempt:

    Just a normal day inside the city of Port Said, Egypt. Zina as usual played with the children of the neighbors in the residence she lived in, but Zina did not know what her fate would hide for her. The threads of the tragedy began with a report received by Port Said security director Major General Mohammed al-Sharqawi from the family of the girl Zina by her disappearance in front of the door of the house. The first concern was that Zina had been kidnapped for money. The secret police officers began collecting information and witness testimony and asked the guard of the building, who confirmed that the child did not leave the building completely, besides not seeing any strangers entering the building, which confirmed that the girl is still inside the building. This trend was the key to solving the mystery of the disappearance of the child. The door of the atrium was opened and the girl was found lying inside the atrium bleeding from everywhere around her body.  The child was taken by the head of the detectives and the parents. At lightning speed, they went to a private hospital, but the fate was the quickest, and the child uttered the last breath. The confessions revealed unusual cruelty to act with an innocent child. The crime began when Alaa Juma Ezzat Ahmed (16 years old), a close guard of the building, agreed with Mahmud Mohammed Mahmoud Kasper (18 years old) and resident in the same property to meet him on the roof. During the rise of Alaa the elevator stopped in the tenth floor to see the innocent girl Zina playing alone, asked her to go up with him to the surface so she would see a new dog brought by a resident and he would give her some sweets, Zina rejoiced  and went with him to the surface, then he with his friend  started to harass the girl but she felt something strange and  began to scream, So the criminal put his hand on her mouth and sat her on the fence overlooking the atrium, and removed the child from the top to fall into the atrium, of the height of eleven floors, for nothing but fear of scandal!

    The bloody queen

    Countess Elisabeth Bathuri (August 7, 1560 - August 21, 1614) was a noble Hungarian monarch who owned wealth and power and whose influence spread throughout Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, and was known as the "Bloody Countess" or "Bloody Queen" because of its bloody history in the torture and killing of about 600 poor girls And 25 of the royal family, she not only drank the blood of 600 girls of her people but went looking for royal blood protected by aging, killing 25 of the daughters of the royal family Born in the sixteenth century with a beautiful and good strength, and when the revolution of farmers  blew out, she saw  the raping and killing of her sisters while she escaped from the massacre, she got married to the Count Francis Nadasti, who taught her the methods of torture before killing by cutting off the heads of the Turkish prisoners, he noticed her enjoyment and innovation of new methods, when her husband had to  move away because of work changing conditions, she found in herself with lust for girls, she enjoyed in playing with the young maids and after having sex with them, she tortured them, tore their flesh and eventually slaughtered them, who was helping her in torture and picking up girls from the countryside, but her lame servant and a dark sinister lady named "Ana Darvolia". The Countess was starving the girls for a whole week and then stitching the pins in their lips and under their nails then killing them and bathing in a bath of their blood!!

    The killer clown:

    John Wayne Jacy

    Also known as the "Clown Killer", was a husband and father. He was acquainted with his victims through his presence in the high-profile communities and parties he attended as a clown. He was also involved in several voluntary activities that helped him to be next to the children. Although he was a respected businessman and loved by his neighbors, he committed numerous sexual offenses for countless victims during his life until he was arrested in 1968 and charged with sexually assaulting children and sentenced to 10 years' imprisonment, He was released after spending only 18 months, once his wife discovered that he was secretly gay she asked for a divorce. He was arrested again six years after he was released after he was accused of kidnapping and killing 33 young men. Before the police discovered he had buried most of the bodies in his garden, some near a river because there was no space in the yard. The criminal said in full confession that he had chosen his victims of children and young people, transported them in his car, tortured, raped and killed them. He was sentenced to death and executed in 1994.

    A doctor kills his patients:

    Britain has revealed the worst killer in its history, and even worse than that is that the deadly type of human beings is supposed to save the lives of others and alleviate their pain. He is the British doctor (Harold Shipman), who has been named on every tongue in Britain since investigations have proved that he was behind the deaths of at least 215 patients, mostly of women over the age of 75, the investigation took  a period until he was found guilty of all the crimes he committed. Fourteen women were killed in their homes and one in his clinic by injecting them with diamorphine, the medical name for heroin. He was able to avoid investigation by writing false information on his death certificates and by persuading the victims' families not to have autopsies. After being charged with killing 15 patients, the police later discovered that he had killed more than 200 people.

    The first American accused of cannibalism:

    He is a person who is called "Alfred Packer". He was born in Pennsylvania, USA and was convicted of the first crime in America has a relationship with cannibalism in 1873.

    He went to look for gold in the mines with five men who had been charged with killing them and eating their meat.

    He was arrested, interrogated and said that he had to kill them in defense of himself. When the police found the bodies of the five, they were torn and eaten, Packer admitted that he ate all of their bodies, he was sentenced to death but he could escape before being sentenced. He disappeared for nine years and later it was found that he changed his name.

    After this long period, he was arrested and the confessions of Alfred did not change in all his claims he has mentioned nine years ago.  He was sentenced to 40 years of imprisonment.


    After his death, 115 years later, the truth appeared at the hands of a forensic doctor who announced that Alfred Packer ate the bodies of his five companions.

    A British harasser was jailed to force children to rape other children:

    LONDON (Reuters) - A British man has been sentenced to 16 years in prison after forcing children to rape other children, some from the United States, Canada, Britain and Australia, police said on Tuesday. Paul Litton the thirty- two years old, claimed to be an adolescent on the Internet and persuaded young people to send him pornographic material, then used it to blackmail children and force them to commit sexual offenses against other children - usually their younger brothers - or themselves. The authorities charged Litton with 21 counts, including three involving the rape of a child in the United States. Investigators found that Litton was authorizing school children online and asking them to send him their pictures naked, and then used it to blackmail children to force them to commit sexual offenses against other children

    Leighton threatened to expose their naked images to their families and friends if they did not do what he wanted them to do, resulting in horrific sexual crimes recorded by cameras and Leighton kept videos on his mobile phone. A member of the investigation team said that at the time of Leyton's arrest, he had no remorse for his actions and he described his Leyton's method of committing these crimes as "chilling".