signs on body call for panic


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    sometimes a person wakes up and suddenly finds a bruise somewhere in his or her body, with no idea why do they come from or, and some are more likely to have signs of bruising that may be messages from other members indicating the risk.

    Other patches tend to red, then gradually turn blue, often due to subcutaneous eruptions, often resulting from shock or fall from blood vessels in the area and then to the surrounding areas. Subcutaneous, its natural effect.

    many experienced signs of bruises on their bodies without any shocks, which call for to be exciting and puzzling at the same time, if they suddenly appear. What caused them?

    Doctors show that their appearance is due to subcutaneous bleeding, due to lack of platelet count or dysfunction, or because of some medications, especially blood thinners that cause platelet deficiency.

    it could be also warning of liver disease, by sending blood formations as a sign of the liver's inability to produce protein, and disrupt the clotting process that helps to rebuild the blood vessels that have been injured or damaged, any destruction of liver cells is the result of viral hepatitis or hepatitis 

    "If these sudden bruises appear in the elderly, they are often due to a problem in the wall of the capillaries or because of vitamin C deficiency," the professor of blood and endocrinology says.
    Dr. Saleh al-Shimi, a professor of dermatology and head of the dermatology department at the Egyptian University of Science and Technology, adds that sudden bruises are also due to the drug sensitivity, which can sometimes lead to inflammation in the veins and thus appear bruises.

    Essential medical analysis
    Doctors recommend visiting the doctor quickly to avoid complications due to delay in treatment, which may lead to bleeding from other parts of the body and not just under the skin, it is assured that these bruises disappear automatically but reappear again as long as the cause is not treated.

    The specialist stresses that bruising can spread in more than one place in the body. Complications may occur in the case of neglect of treatment, such as high body temperature, so you should visit your doctor and perform the necessary medical analysis, especially the analysis of the full blood image to know the number of platelets and number Blood cells and determine the appropriate treatment according to the outcome of the analyzes.



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