Long-term lasik damage


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    LASIK is one of the most important vision correction processes in the current period, and the use of this procedure has increased in the recent period, in view of the great success achieved, and doctors to be preferred and encouraged to conduct in case of need of the person, the results are guaranteed to the extent And after a short period of time, the patient will recover without any risk during the operation. After a short period of LASIK, it has become a great place in the field of treatment and correction of vision problems, as if it existed for a long time.

    In absolute terms, doctors say there are no specific problems or damage caused by LASIK operations, but these assertions are still under discussion. The modernity of the LASIK process has made its side effects very unclear. It takes time to be clearly identified, but However, there are a number of current long-term damage to LASIK that doctors have found so far.

    Long-term Lasik Damage:

    The long-term effects of LASIK on some patients are twice the effect of the process over time. With some LASIK procedure, the person finds that the problems he or she is suffering from have improved significantly, The improvement gradually increases in the first period of the procedure, until the person reaches a proper look and does not have any defects or problems that require glasses or medical lenses, but over time some complain of the return of some problems of their eyesight, which doctors call the weak effect of LASIK.

    An article in a medical journal called Ophthalmology showed that some people suffer from the same vision problems they have experienced after a period of surgery, ranging from 10 to 15 years.

    Dry eye syndrome:

    Eye dryness is a problem that bothers many people. Many studies have shown that this problem can occur for people who do LASIK. Here, the damage does not happen in the long run. It can happen after surgery and lasts a long time. A year or a year and a half, a fairly long period, where the person complains of constant dry eye, and with him the doctor to use some drops that work to moisturize the eye and prevent dryness, and the reason for this drought is the inability of the eye to produce enough tears, The problem is that dry eye here causes confusion and problems in vision, Which disappear with treatment, and with the end of dry eye after a certain period, but do not affect this problem, everyone, it is limited to some only.

    Despite the shortcomings of LASIK, doctors confirm that LASIK does not cause all these annoying symptoms. The appearance of these symptoms depends on the age of the patient at the time of surgery and the degree of visual impairment he underwent. In other words, the younger the patient, the more successful the results will be.



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