Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah


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    Al Hakim bi-Amr Allah



    For many decades, the routine treatment of a mental patient was to leave him in a single room or in a hospital room until he was rotting, and he would receive physical therapy. It was a shame and embarrassing having a crazy person in the family.

    But what if this madman is the most powerful person in the country, like the ruler of the country: for example, who has all the laws and rules, and he sets the rules for his people? Of course, a lot of things will be complicated.

    It is strange that history is filled with many foolish rulers, who led their peoples to rely primarily on tyranny, and also filled with rulers dominated by paranoia, and one of them makes tragic decisions unheard of in his country, even history has mentioned them in the door of the insane.

    Archaeologist Sameh al-Zahar, a specialist in Islamic and Coptic archeology, said that throughout the ages, the history of mankind has been known as rulers and heads of behavior are strange to the point of insanity and cannot be explained by logic and reason, which confirms that the rulers and presidents always need to criticize them and investigate their shortcomings to be wise rulers. This article will be monitored on a historical character that surprised and shocked almost all who read about. He was known for his insane behavior towards his people. He is Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

    Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

    Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah ( Cairo , September 10, 985 - Cairo, disappeared February 2, 1021 ), named Abu Ali al-Mansour Ibn al-'Aziz ibn al-'Aziz [1] [2] [3] And the Levant, allegiance to the difference and he has 11 years after the death of his father, who is behind him of six Russian Christian [4] [5] . Ruling from October 15, 996 until he disappeared on February 2, 1021.


    He is the sixth rulers of the Fatimid state, "the ruler by the bi-Amr Allah". The name of the governor of Egypt was historically associated with strange acts and incomprehensible sentences. Jews were forced to wear black clothes to resemble his Abbasid enemies, Even though his mother was a Christian, Christians were forced to wear heavy crosses. He also forbade the Egyptian people to eat some foods, including mulukhia(it's a popular Egyptian food)  and watercress, on the grounds that the great companion Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan, loved them, and prevented the sale of grapes and honey on the pretext that the wine is made from them, And he poured five thousand jars of honey into the sea for fear that it would be made as wine. He ordered the women to stab their faces so that no one would bet on them, and then they were prevented from leaving the houses altogether. As he claimed by the divinity and knowledge of the unseen, and there is a manuscript called «Letters of the ruler by God's command and those who believe in him» shows what the Governor claims attributes of divinity.

    A writer said about him: "He grew up absolute in his views and perceptions and he learned the science of Shiites, as learned philosophy and stars and he had a great passion for it, and was on the extremes of all the excesses - if he punished overflowing and shed blood and killing companions, relatives and scientists. He did what a king did not do if he loved or promoted, and his works were contradictory, he was doing what he would do not tomorrow.


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