why do we die


    why do we die?



    In one of the hoaxes of Iraq, a merchant from Baghdad sent his servant to the market to buy things for him. After a while, the merchant found the servant in front of him in panic, after asking him; he said that when he was in the market, he saw the death but embodied in the form of an old woman and who once saw him began to stare in surprise, so the servant decided to chillingly run away to Samara; maybe he can find a way far from death.


     The merchant decided to go to the market to talk to death and asked why he was intimidating the servant. By asking the death, he answered that He did not mean to intimidate him, but he was surprised when he saw the servant in Baghdad, although it was written that he would meet the servant Samara at night.


    Of course we do not know if exactly this story is real or just a writer imagination, but let's think what is behind this story, whether true or not, it is true that death is inevitable, every human being has fears and perhaps the greatest of these fears is the inevitability of death.


    and this is called, "General Anxiety Disorders", according to a study in 2009 that 4% of Egyptian people suffer from what is called,"Thanatophobia", the person who suffers from this has a hysteric fear of death, finds it is extremely difficult for him to think of anything in life but death so as a result of this he cannot live his life as others.


    If we look seriously from this the perspective of such kind of person, we may find it logic for them to think that way. It is true that humans are easily die, regardless 17.5 million people a year  die because of heart attacks, or 9 millions who die because of cancer, or 1,25 millions who die because of car accidents and more you may not know about 1 million and 700 children die shortly after giving birth.


    Here a question must be asked, what if I avoid all the illness and accidents and just stayed home eating healthy food, can I avoid death? The answer is doubtlessly is, of course I will die, sooner or later, me, you any every human must die. Another question is, "why do we die?" Why do not we live forever?


    In a book, "The shellfish Gene "for the famous biologist Richard Dawkins, he said that the easiest way to imagine the genes that they are, "Self- interested Agents". Every gene only interested in his survival,Dawkins did not mean hat but he said that observations they can noticed can be simply explained this imagination. The writer of the book saw that any creature is just a vehicle for transforming the gene.


    In other words, all creatures for genes are just vehicles and, the genes keep the creature till he transforms his genes then the role of the creature, for the genes, has ended, this is all for the sake of reproduction.






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