colors are serial killers


    colors are serial killers





    In April,2018, the famous rap singer ," 21 savage" decided to serve his society and become positive citizen by leaving a positive influence and that was by arousing the slogan, "Guns down paintball up". It is true that 21 savage had a noble aim which is decreasing the Gun Violence, that happened in the state of North Carolina in which more than 1,400 people were killed by the shooting in 2017.


    The campaign has not stopped here only but went to the other states such as Atlanta and Detroit. The famous Rap singer xxxTentacion also joined the campaign. The hilarious thing about that is about 200 match paintball were held in one week and people started to play with everyone who may pass by which turned to a matter out of control. In Atlanta went out 15 years old teen with a real gun and shot 3 years old kid. Actually I have no idea if the boy meant to kill the child or not but even the people around did not realize that the gun was real one.


    Even The police couldn't realize the real guns of the unreal ones till the police forces arrested all the guns with people, can you imagine the irony about this subject? The campaign was about decreasing violence led to arresting people and killing others.


    You may wonder what has all this to do with the criminal history of colors. Actually there is a relation just be patient with me. If 21 savage the creator of this campaign read about the history of colors, he would know that the colors killed humans since they have begun to use them, For example the green color which is made from Radium which has been discovered in 1898 by Marie curie and Pierre curie .Radium has a bright and shiny green color besides it lightens in the dark, but unfortunately it Contains a radioactive substance that can lead to certain cancers and death.

    In 1910 Watch companies began to exploit the discovery of radium and manufactured watches that light up in the dark. Also a very dangerous substance was made from radium called "undark" which girls used it as nail polish.

    In 1938 they found out that a lot of people die because of radium so they stopped using it.This is the first accident which may prove the criminal history of colors.

    Another color which is the white color or let us say the color which represents or has the whole colors according to Newton's prism. This color may be killed Vincent Van Gogh, who used to lick the coloring brush which absolutely had the white color on it, but you may ask how did the white color be a reason of his death, in the 18 century the white color was made from the lead which is if any human exposed to a large quantity of it  leads to neurological problems the symptoms are depression and hallucinations and some researchers say that this could be the cause of the disorder of the psychological state of Van Gogh the end of his life. Perhaps when Van Gosh pained The starry Night was actually looking at the sky the same way he painted it.

    The English people decided to wear a very unique army uniform, called "Red coats" thinking that this will be clear to frighten their enemies. This is ironically led to their death because they were wearing the Red color between the grass and surrounding by the green color and they expect that the enemy who will be afraid??

    Who will appear like that in front of the enemy as if they are telling them, we are here, come and kill us and the result of course is expected that they were easily killed and effortlessly hunted by their enemies. These were collected accidents from the history which you may find it an evidence of involving the colors in a way or another of killing humans.


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