Different kinds of love


    Different kinds of love



    Definition of Love:

    Love is a strong feeling of affection and emotion felt by a person towards a particular person or thing, as it can indicate a mixture of other emotions such as attraction, attachment, need, tenderness, and trying to please the other person. Love may be an option a person takes or sometimes he becomes unable to control it. Despite the existence of different kinds of love, man  always seeks towards it , because it offers comfort and tranquility, and plays an important role in his life.


    Kinds of love:

    The Greeks studied love and everything related to it, and classified it into eight types, namely: 

    Unconditional love

    Or the so-called Greek Agape, a love that affects the other person himself and deny himself and get rid of selfishness for the pleasure of others, and  they thought that this kind of  love is rare because  few people feel it for a long time.



    Romantic love

    Is a kind of love  which is called by the Greek  (romantic love) is the love associated with feelings, and physical passion that  a person can lose control of himself.

    Emotional Love

    The love of passion or emotional love according to the Greek is called ( Philia) it is the love that man feels toward other people like friends. Plato has shown that physical attraction towards someone does not necessarily mean love, and this type of love is also called Platonic love.

    Physical love

    This love, called( Eros), is the most passionate carnal attraction to our modern conception of love, one of the kinds of love that satisfies man's desire for reproduction and survival.

    Family Love

    Is the love called (Storge), which is concerned with family love between parents and children, which is more touched in young children. This love refers to the feeling that arises from intimacy, love an
    d dependence. As time goes on, the physical love called (Eros )turns into family love.

    uncommitted love

    It is called (Ludus), which expresses human love for certain things such as music, dancing, or seeking more fun and pleasure through love and without any obligations and restrictions. 

    Practical Love

    (Pragma) is the name of this kind of love, it is the feeling of love that makes practical decisions, mental, duties, interests, common goals, which is more common in formalized marriage, marriage and political marriage which has specific interests. 



    Self-love  is called( philautia), which can be healthy or can destroy a person's life. Self-love can lead to arrogance and vanity. It is unnatural and can lead to the destruction of a person or grow many enemies. Self-esteem helps the person to accept himself, improves his physical and mental health, and can promote this love by dedicating sufficient time to the self, doing certain activities such as daily reminders, performing meditation exercises, writing notes, and other the activities.


    A long study of seventy-five years by researchers at Harvard University shows that love is the key that a person needs to live a happy and satisfied life; this supports the English saying that all we need is love. Because love is closely linked to self-fulfillment and happiness.


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