5 tips to speak English fast


    5 Tips To Speak English Fast


    How fast could you speak English? Let's talk about it.You listen to how English speakers speak so fast and you wonder," How will I ever be able to speak like that?" Well,today I have some good news for you,I am going to share with you seven important  tips that native speakers use when they speak.I'm going to talk about reduction sounds,cutting off sounds, and connecting sounds.Then,at the end of this article,I have a challenge sentence for you that I want you to be able to say it as fast as  you possible can.

    So let's get started with the 1st tip which is:

    Using contractions

    what are contractions? They're when you put two words together.

    I'd like to go is ( I would like to go).

    He's busy is  (he is busy).

    what're you doing? is (what are you doing?)

    Through these examples you can notice how we can speak quicker because we are cutting off all the sounds in the word " would" except for that final "D"..(I'd like to go).

    Now let's move to the second tip which is:

    Reducing these four verbs

    Reduce these four verbs to speak quicker,these verbs are,"gonna,wanna,gotta,hafta" I'm gonna study English is (i'm going to study English)here the word(to) simply becomes (a).I wanna study English is (I want to study English) the word (to) also becomes (a) so we say" wanna" instead of "want to".

    I have got to study English ,we are changing it to"I gotta study English".I have to study English becomes(I hafta study English) again the word "to" changes to the sound "a". 

    Reduce the word "You"

    This is the third tip to speaker faster which is reducing the word you when asking questions.We are going to talk about three common question words and unfortunately,the word you reduces in a different way for each question.The first question word is "what".How can we reduce the question"what are you doing?" we reduce it to "whatca doin' " Actually,we've cut out completely the word "are" and the word you becomes "cha" sound,you may notice the extra tip which is cutting the sound 'G' at the end of the word"doing"..whatcha doin'?

    the second word question is where,such as "where are you going" it becomes,"whereya goin'? same happened as before we cut out the word are and you become ya also the sound "g" was cut out from the word "going"

    you may want to ask the polite question,"would you help me?" it changes while speaking fast to "WOULDJA HELP ME?"

    cut off  "T" at the end of words

    This tip sounds a little tricky so you must be careful and pay attention.A sentence like,"I Go out every night." becomes"I go ou' every nigh'." what happens here when you are about to make the sound T,but no air goes through ,so it's just stopped at top of your mouth.

    Cut off the letter "D" at the end of words

    Let's check out this sentence,"I found a blue and white card." becomes,"I foun' ablue an'white car'."just cut off the letter "d" in the words(and ,found,card)

    These were some tips which you will help you speak English faster like natives,so try these tips with yourself within sentences ,you can try to say them fast as well




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