Bullshit jobs


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    Bullshit jobs 



    Juquin Garcia, an employee in the Spanish Government, the government decided to honor him after 20 years of dedication to work, so they sent him because they want to award him for the years of hard work, the surprise is that they didn't find him.


    Deputy Mayor who is supposed to hand him the prize contacted the manager to ask for him but he said that he did not see him for a while after the search they found The employee did not go to work for 6 years and it is strange that his salary is paid to him monthly, moreover, nobody noticed his absence throughout that period.


    The employee is Supervisor of Water Station so if he is absent the whole work should be stopped but the strange thing is that everything run and went normally and his absence did not affect the work at all. After a long search they found the man, in the court they asked him about the story and how dare him to be absent all this time. Firstly he denied that and added that he did go at intervals and the reason for this that his friends always made fun of is because of the socialist of is family.


    According to David Graeber, in an article published in 2005, wrote a famous article called," on the phenomenon of bullshit jobs", Inflation in service jobs, which is formed about three-quarters of jobs in the united states, led to what is called bullshit jobs. The article was just an analysis of social phenomena or chitchat talk more than analysis of scientific phenomena but the article was viral.


    The reason of this is many employees felt these articles and the article touched their heart because they felt that they are not influenced members in their society.


    The Economist published an article to replay to the previous one to denounce it and assure that there is nothing is called bullshit job and every job has its significant part in the institution. The debate occurred around the country of London which lead a company of market research and data analytic called YouGov to make a survey and the question was, "Does your job have a significant contribution to the world?"  

    The surprise is that 37% voted "No", 50% voted "Yes" and 13% voted that they are not interested about this subject.


    The result of the survey encouraged David to write a book called"Bullshit Jobs" published in 2018. In this book, he defined the definition of bullshit jobs. He also made a difference between bullshit jobs and shit jobs, according to him shit jobs are significant jobs but with little salary. Bullshit jobs for him is kind of psychological violence because the feeling of the person of being insignificant ruins the feeling of his humanity, it makes him feels nonentity or nothing.


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