Understanding Islam


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    Understanding Islam and what does the word mean



    First I would like to introduce a brief overview about the number of Muslims around the world,three is  approx.1.6 billion Muslims worldwide.It's the second largest religion in the world.But when we look at where Muslims live in the world,62 percent of Muslims live in the Asia region.

    so you may have to change your perspective about what the news tell you because from this point Indonesia has the largest world population and where lives Muslims.Indonesia,India,Pakistan,Nigeria,Bangladesh and these are the top 5 Muslim country in the world ,so Islam is an Asian religion ,its not Saudi Arabian, not Iraqi not Afghanistan,so you can not think of Islam as Saudi Arabia or Iraq as it is only 20 percent Muslims live in the middle east.

    It's also worthy note that the way Islam is practiced in Indonesia is different from the way Islam is practiced in Nigeria .In order to understand Islam you have to understand these two words,"The self- sufficiency and idolatry." Non Muslims think of themselves as you can get by without you God,they think that we ca find a solution for every problem in life by their own without God,they are responsible fr their wealth,family,and they are responsible for their society and God has nothing to do without it .

     That's the major sin in Islam which is thinking we  can get by without God.The second major sin is idolatry following the 1st major sin in Islam,if you think you can get by without God then you can easily replace God. Idolatry is anything which may take the place of God whether  it is nation,family or anything.Even thing that Islam does is getting rid of these two things in humans life which is "self-sufficiency and idolatry.

    The solution for these two problems comes from the word Islam itself translation of the word Islam from Arabic would be "peace " or "surrender".Islam is the peace that we receive when we surrender to out God,Muslim is someone who submits to God.

    Islam is you feed the hungry and spread peace among people you know and those you don't know.we have the responsibility to help others and we have the responsibility to spread peace not only among our friends but also among our enemies and the way we do this is to look at the qua-ran and follow the example of prophet muhammed.The prophet muhammed was not seen as god,he has not worshiped ever,he is not seen as divine.All he is ,is a prophet who reveals to us the God and how to surrender to God through Quran.

    So the best Islam is to reform the world,the best Islam is going to take care of the hungry and the poor,combat corruption and oppression,and create a society that makes it easy to submit to God  and this sis the social Goal Islam.


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