Understanding the way women think


    Understanding the way women think



    We all know that the way women think is different from the way men think. Psychologists and psychiatrists also add that men and women think differently and interpret a range of women's thinking patterns. Men and women speak differently and think differently.Scientists say that the vast majority of men think on the left side of the brain, while The vast majority of women's thinking is done on the right side of the brain but also on the left side of the brain. This is one of the reasons why women usually recover more quickly when they get stroke than men because the stroke usually affects the left side of the brain.

    Reliance on emotions

    In their decisions, women rely on emotion and feelings, unlike men who tend to facts, figures and logic before making a decision. In general, problems begin when men assume that women make decisions like themselves.

    Fear of mega-projects

    Recent studies have described women as less confident than men in financial decisions. Barber and O'Dayne found in 2001 that men trade in larger and larger sizes than women, and as a result bear greater losses. Women are stereotypical in their business thinking because they are more apologetic and fearful. 

    Thinking and accuracy

    Women differ from men in thinking. Studies at the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland show that women differ in intellectual strengths in general, but they often prefer mathematical thinking and mental tasks to spatial and physical tasks. Moreover, they prefer intelligence tests that Requires calling words, finding words that begin with a certain letter, or meeting some restrictions, and they're faster than men matching items and performing some fine tasks.

    Facts and research

    Studies have shown that women have different thoughts about men, and the most important characteristic of her thinking is the following: 

    Concern for the future: Most women can not enjoy the present because of anxiety and thinking about future events.
    Love of discovery: Women do not like to go from point A to point B, for example, but prefer to discover different trips and places.

    Continuous thinking: thinking constantly, inability to stop the brain permanently.
    Psychological satisfaction: Studies have indicated that women are less comfortable with themselves than men.

    Preserving the feelings of others: The law of women is not to harm the feelings of others, and methods that do not harm them. 


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