understanding the concept of freedom


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    Freedom is not just a fleeting word to say, freedom is an air we breathe, freedom is the spirit that lives and lives in us. It is not enough to say the word freedom to be free, for freedom is beyond description and beyond words. Freedom is what drives man to creativity and to production, which drives nations to progress and grow. Freedom is a fundamental human right that is born w

    ith it and grows with it, and no one has the right to deprive it of it as long as it does not infringe the rights of others, as it is said that your freedom ends when the freedom of others begins.

    Freedom from one of the foundations of life without which life has no meaning, on a small level one may feel upset if someone forced him to see or hear a program he does not like. Let  someone to imprison you and restrict you or to deprive your freedom of choice with respect to a fateful order Your life. A man who does not have the right to choose does not have the ability to innovate , and therefore has no ability to produce or to provide what is new, and the invention of what is useful and easy to human life.

    The person who does not have the right to express his opinion is a mute person who can not speak. He sees corruption and can not deter it. He sees the daily violations of his rights and can not stop them. He sees himself as being governed by unjust rules and laws he can not escape. All this in turn will make man like a machine without a spirit, working with boredom and fear of the future, and running only to secure the earnings of his day, and makes the country he lives in as a dark place with no life , no progress ,no reform and  no development. A man who does not have the right to freedom of movement is exactly like someone who is placed in a dark cage where a small window makes him see a small amount of light  and a limited space of a forbidden sky. He creates a frustrated object, a dead soul is trapped between a ground that prevents him from walking ,or touching the sky .

    There is no doubt that freedom, whatever its form and type, is of great importance in the life of man and his loss will kill the spirit of creativity and destroy his love for life and his joy in it, but freedom of ethics  must be respected  by human. For example we find that some may baptize Raising the voice of the songs in the name of personal freedom neglecting others and their freedom, and find that some people in some sit-ins and demonstrations resort to the destruction  of public property as well as private property and other practices that infringe the rights of people in the name of the exercise of liberty Of expression, leading to distort the image of the case they are defending. So, dear reader, do not forget the rights of others when you search for your rights


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