A guide to stereotyping


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    A guide to stereotyping




    Thinking of stereotyping reminds me of a novel I have read 10 years ago ,its called 'passage to India' for E.M.Forester.He kept emphasis of Indians as as being a primitive,unreliable, genital, and dangerous race that must be kept in the farthest distance possible from the British. He focused on any flaw that any ordinary person may do to stereotype it and referred to the whole race as inferior to be equal to the west generally and to the British colonizers specifically.


    Let's understand what is the meaning of the word 'racism' first,Racism can be defined as prejudice, discrimination or hostility. In other words, having a great hate or dislike directed towards a person, or group of people because of race, ethnicity or religion. This is based on the belief that the racist think of himself as superior to others,so he looks down to whoever differs from him in beliefs,color,race or culture.

    The  term 'stereotyping' comes out from Racism,Stereotyping is often based on assumptions. Making “stab in the dark” guesses about what an individual may be like has very little evidence or proof about a certain group that an individual may belong to. Today its been extremely hard for a person not to stereotype. The brain is automatically ‘trained’ to associate an idea of someone with a perception we have stored in our mind from the past, or from images that we are exposed to in the media.the majority cases, racist comments come from negative stereotypes.

    An example of stereotyping:

    someone enters a village for the first time,then he got stolen by an individual. He will go out from the village and say ,all the inhabitants of this village are thieves.He judges the whole inhabitants as thieves because he oversimplified the individual accident and applied it to the whole group which is logically not acceptable and falsehood.

    I tried to search why people are racist but I didn't find any particular reason for it,Racism stem from hatred and this attitude is learnt behavior.None of us are born with the ability to read  a book or play the guitar, nor are we born with the ability to discriminate against someone because of where they were born or the color of their skin or the religion he follows. No one is inherently racist.


    Racist people normally feel threatened or horrified by a culture or race  or a religion that is not familiar to them or they have limited understanding of. Unfortunately in nowadays societies , people tend to act negatively towards the unknown rather than taking the time to understand or accept that difference.Actually,the human nature tends to escape and hate the unknown,like if you go to a restaurant, you always ordered the food which is familiar to you,the food you have experienced its taste before,very little people who have the desire to experience the new dish. 




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