Losing the attention to details can distort the whole work


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    Losing the attention to details can distort the whole work.




    I was turning the T.v channels,then I saw a movie I always loved to watch when I was younger,it is considered a good movie according to the story and the heroes and heroines who acted in the movie.The story is about three daughters of the same father and different women ,one was raised in Alexandria (An Egyptian 2nd big city after the capital Cairo) and the other was raised her whole live in England so obviously she is supposed to speak with British accent. What attracts my attention that this girl since she began to show up and she speaks with an American accent and this is the details which many directors and mangers of any work may forget or lose the attention.

    Though it is screaming mistake that anyone can notice,that reminds me with a novel called, 'passage to India where the writer of the novel takes the careless of Dr.Aziz of details is a defect that many Orientals fell in to.I am not going to talk about stereotyping now because I have seen many different western work which the makers of the it lost the care for details,doubtlessly forgetting is a human characteristic.Attention to detail and workmanship is something learnt as nobody was born caring for detail.

    In some aspects of man's work and family life, man may face some problems that result from negligence in taking in some small details and which lead to serious consequences in the future.Human development expert Abdulrahman Mahmoud offers several tips to help people pay attention and focus on the most detailed details about the various topics and things they are doing in their lives, saying that a person must first determine the things that need the most attention to small details.

    Mahmoud explained that the previous mistakes resulting from neglecting these small details should be used, which will lead to increased focus in the future and not to allow the existence of these small gaps.
    "We should also pay attention to the reasons that lead people to neglect these details whether they are due to lack of interest or lack of time or even fatigue," he said, adding that a person should also know the advantages he will achieve if he avoids ignoring these small details , And cared for and the extent of benefit that comes back to it.

    He pointed out that a person can also set himself a goal to finish a work, focusing on all aspects without leaving the smallest detail falling from his hands, adding that the human must use some means to help focus, such as getting a rest To work and work in an atmosphere of calm and write the work that he wishes to implement in all its details.


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