Facts about Bermuda Triangle


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    Facts about Bermuda Triangle



    The Bermuda Triangle is known as the Devil's Triangle, it is an area surrounded by points in Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico where ships and aircraft are said to disappear mysteriously in the air or in deep water.  The Bermuda Triangle is specifically located in a part of the North Atlantic Ocean, More than 50 ships and 20 aircraft have mysteriously disappeared in this area, it is said that the region also lies in the form of a mysterious triangle characterized by the southern coast of the United States of America and Bermuda and the Greater Antilles.

    Theories of the Bermuda Triangle

    Several theories have been presented over the years to explain the mystery of this region. Some writers have linked the story of Bermuda to Atlantis, which suggests that the mythical city at the bottom of the sea uses its famous crystal energies to sink ships and aircraft. There are also many imaginary suggestions for extraterrestrial time gates, while some believe that the logical explanation is the scarcity of unknown geology or hydrology. For example, Ships and aircraft with pockets of flammable methane that exist in large quantities below sea level.

    A lightning or electric spark may ignite a bubble of methane that reaches ships and aircraft and sinks without any trace. This theory is linked to several obvious logical problems: the presence of methane naturally throughout the world and that this incident never happened before.


    Many consider the Bermuda Triangle to be a fictional area they do not recognize. The United States Council of Geographical Names does not recognize this area and does not keep an official file of it. However, the disappearance of many ships and people on board has proved inexplicable.

    The Bermuda Triangle covers an area of 129,499.5 square kilometers. The area is known as the Bermuda Summit. The area is surrounded by many coral reefs, and hundreds of shipwrecks are found in the surrounding area.

    The mystery of the Bermuda Triangle was dominated by the first case of disappearance in 1945, the disappearance of five naval personnel in the area. The origin of the disappearance was considered an experimental error, but the members of the pilot's family who led the mission did not accept that it had committed a mistake and eventually persuaded the Navy to change it for unknown reasons, The legend gained momentum after Jones' report on the mysterious disappearance of ships and aircraft between Florida and Bermuda two years later. 


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