Best place to put your router

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    Hello friends this is uday pratap singh. Today we are going to talk about. The best place to put your router on. So let’s know these places.


    Forget the trial and error – arithmetic. Has established wherever the most effective spot to put your router is.

    Physicist jason Cole has worked out a formula which will estimate the most effective place to position your wireless router. And it ultimately depends on your house’s plan.

    • The best place to put your router on
      The best place to put your router on

    Cole started work the science behind router placement. In a trial to optimise his wireless local area network signal.

    To do this, he initial mapped his floorplan. Distribution refraction values to the walls, and so used the helmholtz equation. That allowed him to model the magnetic attraction waves being emitted by his router.


    Over on his blog almost looks like Work. Cole describes the tough arithmetic that followed.

    Initially, he came up with the expected answer that putt your router right. Within the middle of your home ends up in the most effective wireless local area network signal.

    But, of course, it does not essentially look nice to stay a router within the middle of the front room. And it is not continuously possible given power points etc.

    To investigate additional. Cole changed his model to require under consideration the absorption in wall materials like concrete. And to prevent good reflections forming a stationary wave.

    This gave him a model that looked way more. Like wireless local area network signals.

    Finally, he all over what several folks already suspect – the additional away you’re from the router. The more durable it’ll be to try to catch the tendrils of signal.

    But if positioned properly, you’ll place your router in a very spot that fills nearly each space of your house. With superbly periodical waves of wireless local area network, like within the video below.


    Cole has currently even created an android app that enables you to map your own wireless local area network signal around your house. To assist you’re employed out wherever your router ought to go welcome.



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