Choose Commercial Door Closers With Care

When constructing a commercial building, it is imperative to take care of various safety features. Some measures are mandatory as per safety regulations while some must be further added to amp up the safety level of the building. Door installation is one of the measures that have to be taken into consideration. When installing a door, door closers are also used.

Door closers may not be very popular in residential buildings but very common in public and commercial building structures. Commercial door closers have a variety of applications and uses. The major use is that it is used to keep a door closed. This helps in limiting the wrath of fire and drought that pervades the building. Door closers are available in a great variety and it is easy to find a simple gate sprint to stronger, industrial floor springs.

Door closure is operated manually and through power. Automatic door closers need power for operating while physical force is required to operate manual door closers. These door closers are available in several designs. These are jamb-mounted, overhead, and surface mounted. Overhead door closers are the ones that can be concealed or installed on the surface. The jamb-mounted closers are concealed between the doorframe and the door.

It is very important to choose suitable door closure based on various criteria. Look for an option that not only works well in case of fire situations but can also resist to opening forces. Other factors that need to be considered while choosing a door locker are durability, safety, health, aesthetics, and risk of vandalism.

The electromagnetic force is used to hold open an electromagnetic door closure. Such door closers are usually connected with the alarm system of the building. Thus, as soon as someone tries to open forcibly, an alarm gives a warning. The use of such door closers in commercial buildings is to overcome the practice of using various objects and wedges to keep the fire door open which is a very dangerous practice. The door closes as soon as the alarm sounds. Besides investing in quality door closers, one must invest in high-quality commercial door locks to step up the security of the building.

In public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and care homes, delayed action door closers are in use. These door closers allow the door to stay open for a specific time before closing at a speed that can be adjusted. The reason why such door closers are used in these buildings is to allow the elderly or people in wheelchairs to pass through the door before it closes. Places, where trolleys are used, can also choose these door closers.

In commercial buildings, the entrance doors usually have concealed fitting closers as it not only helps in maintaining the aesthetics of the door but also plays a vital functional role. Some options available can also be concealed at the door top. This keeps the closer well-hidden while fulfilling its purpose well.

Before installing any door closer, it is important to consult a fire safety consultant to make the right choice.