What are PTC sites?.


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    What PTC is?.


    Paid to Click sites otherwise called PTC sites. It is the latest strategy that very popular nowadays because of its simpleness and easy way to earn real cash without investment. If you work several hours on these websites daily, then you can make great revenue.

    A website that pays his users a gift card or money when they watched videos, click on an advertisement, taking surveys including completing other tasks.

    The biggest reason why people are ignoring these PTC sites is scam and Ponzi scheme (a fraudulent investing scam promising high rates of return with little risk to investors). 


    How do PTC sites work?


    Ad click workers and advertisers will join in a platform called PTC site.

    Product marketers always need website traffic to promote their company products or service to get more profit.

    PTC sites will send more traffic to marketing companies or advertisers, for doing this PTC sites will get cash from the advertisers and will share the money to its members like you.


    How to check the PTC website that may be a scam.

    1. Check the proof of payment on that site.

    2. You should look into that PTC site forum comment.

    3. Be aware of a website that offers the high ad click or special promotions that are too real. Because it may not pay real money.


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