SEO Note is incredible.

    Akshay Raut

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    Search engine optimization (SEO) is a logical and creative process to enhance the visibility of a website in search engines. The function of SEO is to drive more useful traffic to make them your website as they will find your site more freely and soon.

    While doing SEO, these things need to be considered 

    -Don't confuse your website visiter.

    -Put your keyword phrase at least once in the Page Title Element.

    -Use synonyms and common co-occurring words throughout your page copy

    -Create pages to meet user's needs related to the keyword. Pay attention to what ‘annoys’ website visitors.

    -If you can, include the Keyword phrase in a short URL.

    -Monitor VERY CAREFULLY any user-generated content on your site, because it is rated as part of your own site content.




    Ranking higher in search engines makes more traffic to your website. It makes it an important thing. Search is one of the main ways people find content online. In 2019, SEO became so important.

    SEO note is such software where it can help you for SEO related works. It helps so much in finding the right keywords and helps in maintaining the right SEO for website.


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