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    Bloch Daugaard

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    Night-blooming flowers are weirdly beautiful plants That grow to extend their aroma, and beauty for the upliftment of aesthetic garden atmosphere. You will find lot of plants that are categorized under the term of night-bloomers.

    Actually Cactus?

    Cactus are also a part of Night-Blooming family. The Specie, Night Blooming Flowers is called after moon goddess, Selena. It goes by the common name- Night-Blooming Cereus, also popularly called as Queen of the nighttime sky or Princess of the evening.


    Why at night?

    During night, Pollinators such as night-insects, moths, mosquitoes, rodents are the fantastic mode of pollination. So to adapt to their schedule, these night flowers appear after dusk for an effective pollination. Moths are often attracted to dim-light, thus these blossoms appear to be on the lighter shades.

    Care Regular for night bloomer

    These plants blossom Night, but increase during the day. They need the partial filtered sunshine to grow. Keep it in day shade for optimum development. To water before the soil is going to dry is imperative to avoid water clogging issue. Adequate space is required for the crops to grow. The nighttime plants can be both inside and outside plants, some of these such as Moonflower is a climber, also requires space and support to grow.


    These flowers have Healing properties such as Night-Blooming Cereus tonic is utilized to maintain steady heart-rate and boost circulation, whereas lavender is decrease swelling or swelling.
    Night-flowers are the Beautiful addition to a fragrant garden. They've heavenly smell, which can Make night-walk blissful. These flowers are beginning blooming after twilight, and Spread their yummy aroma till morning.

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