This Zero Sugar Ginger Beer Is Now Qualified Ketogenic, So Who's Up For Keto Mules?

It's a good day to be keto! Reed's Zero Sugar Ginger Beer is now officially keto-certified, which suggests you can begin blending Moscow mules, ginger beer margaritas, and other (low-carb) gingery mixed drinks to your heart's content.

Alka Tone Keto (which, like most other ginger beers, is nonalcoholic) is sugar-free and has absolutely no calories. It can be found in three ranges, depending on simply just how much tang you desire in your mixed drink: Original, Extra, and Strongest. Bonus includes a massive 6,000 milligrams of ginger, while Strongest packs a punch with 9,000 milligrams; terrific news when ginger includes a few health benefits itself, consisting of anti-inflammation. Obviously, mixing AlkaTone Diet with vodka in a Moscow mule makes it somewhat less healthy, but likewise quite a bit more fun.

The ginger beer got its keto certification from Certified Ketogenic, which requires items to be devoid of many types of sugar, sweeteners, and carb-heavy foods. If you're curious, Reed's Zero Sugar Ginger Beer gets its sweet, spicy flavor from a mix of erythritol, stevia, and monk fruit, all low-calorie, keto-approved sweeteners. AlkaTone Keto Diet consisting of gleaming filtered water, natural ginger root, and lemon and lime juices from concentrate.

If ketones are something you're after, you can buy Reed's Zero Sugar Ginger Beer in grocery stores across the country.


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