9 Healthy Foods that are always Cheaper to Buy than to prepare

    Abdulaziz Sobh

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    Two important obstacles prevent people from eating healthy: it is expensive and time consuming. While it is true that our food system is structured in such a way that it makes hamburgers and chicken nuggets cheaper than anything on earth, there are actually quite a few products in the supermarket that are cheap and do not require any effort in the market. kitchen.

    The topic really sparked a great conversation on Reddit, generating more than 1,000 comments. Below are some of the most useful wildcards, and some surprising ones, including those that health food experts store. Read on for a list that will save you time and money.

    When eaten with a limited budget, these healthy foods are cheaper store bought
    1. HUMMUS
    While canned chickpeas cost only about $ 1, a Reddit user points out that a bottle of tahini is usually more expensive than just buying ready-made hummus. Another user echoed this by saying that Costco's's single-serving hummus packages are particularly cost effective.

    Several Reddit users said that yogurt is particularly tedious and time-consuming, and it is not cheaper than buying it ready to eat. Fage Greek yogurt, for example, costs $ 1.19, definitely more profitable than buying milk and growing bacteria.

    This is a condiment that registered dietitian Melissa Rifkin, RD says is worth buying instead of making oneself. "With the constant increase in the cost of avocados, it is better that you buy prefabricated guacamole," he says. "Also, with the added preservatives, you can get a few more days of your guacamole instead of a few hours if you do it at home."

    Rifkin says he believes it is also cheaper to buy salad dressing instead of spending time and money preparing it. "Most salad dressings are based on olive oil, which can be an expensive item to buy, let alone herbs and any addition that the dressing may require," she says. "It is often more profitable to buy ready-made dressings and them last longer."

    5. TZATIKI
    In the fridge of the blogger Simple Healthy Delish and food preparation expert Leanne Miyasaki, you will often find tzatiki, but she says it is definitely bought in the store, it is not homemade. "It is absolutely one of my favorite protein-packed supplements, however, buying store-bought tzatiki can save almost twice the cost of home-made food," she says. "Greek yogurt, English cucumber, fresh dill, garlic and lemon purchased separately can total between $ 5.50 and $ 6.50, while most preparations are between $ 2.50 and $ 4."

    All you need to make your own almond milk is almonds and water, but almonds are expensive! While a bag of raw almonds can cost between $ 9 and $ 18, Elmhurst almond milk, which only contains almonds and water, a list of pure ingredients without additives, sells for $ 7. "I made almond milk a couple of times and it was fine, "said a Reddit user in the thread. “However, it is too much work to be worth it. In addition, it separated after a day or two and began to deviate, so I couldn't even finish it. Now we find almond milk for the same price as lactose-free milk, so I don't bother. "

    Similarly, peanut butter or almonds is often cheaper to buy than to make. (Just make sure you don't buy a jar loaded with sugar since it won't be as healthy as doing it yourself). "Any type of nut butter is much cheaper," says a Reddit user. "I have Sam's Club near me and I can get a 16-ounce jar of almond butter for $ 9. Okay, almond butter in any other grocery store is very expensive. Making the same amount with almonds you buy and process you would easily cost twice that amount. "

    8. PHO
    Several users also highlighted pho, full of nutritious broth, rich in collagen and fiber-rich vegetables, as cheaper to buy already prepared. Pho made with bone broth can also take hours to make. "Going to a Vietnamese restaurant for a $ 7 pho dish is much less painful than trying to make your own broth," says one user intentionally.

    "Sun-dried tomatoes are a great flavor addition to recipes, but they can be a long process," says registered dietitian Cara Harb street, RD. "Not only that but if the tomatoes are not in season, you may be paying a higher price for a lower quality ingredient. I recommend stocking up on this stable version and enjoying them year-round in salads, grain dishes, sandwiches and more ".


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