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Important Tips for Pregnancy Stability in Early Months

    Abdulaziz Sobh
    By Abdulaziz Sobh

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    Tips for pregnancy stability The most important avoidance of intercourse and high heels during the first period of pregnancy, the fetus is in the most important stages of the formation, so it is necessary to follow some important tips and steps for its stability, and keep it from abortion or fall at an early stage.

    Pregnancy stability in the first months
    According to Dr. Ismail Morris, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, maintaining the pregnancy in the first three months, in particular, is not to be underestimated, especially, in particular, the month of it, because often after the start of the second stage, The holder can be reassured.

    Tips for pregnancy stability
    One of the most important advice given by a female specialist to women in the first months of pregnancy:

    - Complete comfort during the second month in particular, there is no need for extra effort during this stage in particular, and prefer to sleep on the back during which and do not make any effort

    - Ask your doctor about the possibility of using safe and useful pregnancy stabilizers, and each woman according to her condition

    - Avoid sexual intercourse as much as possible at this stage, and the cases are completely prevented from intercourse in the first three months

    - The doctor performs a urine analysis to determine the proportion of pus, do not mislead treatment for its harmful impact on pregnancy

    - Do not carry heavy objects or dragged at all, and do not walk distances, and sit for long periods without rest your back

    - Do not wear high heels no matter what the reason during that stage

    - Eat moderate temperature food, as well as drinks, there is no need for extreme heat or cold

    - If your pregnancy is unstable, follow your doctor weekly, and be aware of signs of danger such as bleeding and heavy secretions consult your doctor immediately

    - Some cases require blood flow injections, to avoid miscarriage. It is important to ask your doctor first from knowing your pregnancy

    - Sleeping on the back in the first three months is useful, as is the left side, but the back is at least the first two months

    - Not aware of chronic constipation that may suffer, in the first month and until the third do not win or see the defecation to protect the pregnancy.

    There are many ways to maintain pregnancy in the first few months as follows:
    Refrain from taking any type of medicine for any reason without medical consultation because it leads to the fetus with congenital malformations.
    Refrain from citrus and citrus fruits in large quantities, such as lemon, pickled, tamarind and spaghetti.
    Avoid drinking some natural herbs that increase the rate of abortion such as cinnamon and cinnamon.
    Minimize drinks that contain stimulants such as tea, coffee, and spices.
    Eat four to five healthy, balanced meals per day that are both low in quantity.
    Refrain from exerting any effort or tired activity and avoid wearing high heels or flat shoes a lot because they cause pain in the foot and knees.
    Avoid sitting in a squat position or standing for long periods so that the feet do not get dandruff or swelling in later months.
    Avoid wearing tight clothing or medical braces so as not to prevent normal blood flow.
    Do not shower with cold or warm water, preferably lukewarm water. The bathing period should not exceed a quarter of an hour while drying the body well.
    Avoid exercise even if it is mild during the first months of pregnancy.
    Stay away from smoking or smoking people and avoid alcohol.
    Stay away from emotional emotions and causes of tension and anxiety because they lead in some cases to detach the placenta prematurely in the last months of pregnancy.
    Eat foods and various kinds of legumes, vegetables, fruits, milk, cheese, meat and fish and keep away from fatty foods, especially if the woman suffers from severe pain and vomiting in the morning.
    Non-exposure to X-rays and exposure to sonar radiation so as not to hurt the fetus.
    Drinking lots of fresh water and juices are important for maintaining a normal healthy pregnancy.
    Avoid excessive sugars and carbohydrates so that pregnant women do not get gestational diabetes.