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How to work crepe at home

    Shiimaa Mohamed
    By Shiimaa Mohamed

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    How to work crepe at home

    Creep is one of the easiest varieties you can resort to when feeling hungry. All you have to do is make a mixture of flour and milk and add any kind of sweet or savory fillings as you wish. Here's how the basic crepe works in detail:

    Ingredients of Crepe:

    • 1 cup flour
    • 2 eggs
    • 1/2 cup milk
    • 2/1 cup water
    • 4/1 teaspoon salt (replaced with vanilla for sweet crepe)
    • 2 tablespoons butter

    How Crepe Works:

    1- In a suitable bowl, whisk the eggs with flour and add milk and water gradually, while stirring.

    2- Add salt and butter with stirring.

    3 - Heat a flat pan on the fire after adding a little oil and then pour the equivalent of a quarter cup of the mixture, taking into account the distribution of equal.

    4 - Leave the mixture on the fire until it ripens and show bubbles, and then turn the dough on the other side until fully cooked and lift it from the fire.

    5- Repeat the way the crepe dough is done in the previous way until it is finished.

    6- Fry the crepe of your choice, such as nautilus or jam, in the case of sweetness, sushi or cheese in the case of tenderness.


    How to make sweet crepe with nutella and banana

    • Start preparing the crepe dough in the previous way, replacing the salt with vanilla.
    • Cut the bananas into small pieces and leave them aside.
    • single soluble chocolate on the slice of crepe dough, then stir the banana pieces.
    • Roll the crepe slices in a circle or fold them into triangles and place them in the serving dish.
    • I finished sprinkling drops of chocolate on the roof and feet.