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Ways to learn Spanish

    Joshua Rodríguez
    By Joshua Rodríguez

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    In Internet... Reading in Spanish is probably the best formula to expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding. One advice we give is to read newspapers regularly in Spanish language that are found on the Internet. Change the initial page of your search engine. It is a good idea that every time you connect to the Internet your browser opens on a news page in Spanish, for example the Yahoo version in Spanish could be a possibility. When the page opens, choose the most interesting headline and read the article. The five minutes a day that you will take to do it, after the time, will have had a very positive impact on your learning of Spanish. Find Spanish sites on the Internet of topics that interest you and visit them often. It does not matter so much about what you read. The important thing is to read and I am sure that if the topic interests you, he will read it with more enthusiasm. Visit our link pages to see if you find something that is of interest to you. If you think that a course on the Internet may interest you, we invite you to learn a little more about our online Spanish courses. If you are already in Spain ... Read the newspaper in Spanish. There is no excuse for not doing so, there are even several that are distributed free of charge on the street. Another advantage of this type of newspaper (such as 20 Minutes or Metro) is that the articles they contain are short and easy to read. Watch TV or go to the cinema to improve your listening comprehension. Try one of the following ideas to learn vocabulary. Learn about the strategies that other Spanish students put into practice in Barcelona.


    Do a Spanish course in Spain or Latin America For most people, the best way to learn a language is to go to the country where it is spoken, and to be the longer the better. Once in the country that has been chosen, most people consider that the most effective way to improve the knowledge of a language is with a teacher who teaches you new language and helps you to refine what you already know. In other words, make a course that suits your needs. In Barcelona we offer a wide range of program possibilities, from which you can choose the most suitable one for you. If your needs are very particular, we recommend an individual course.